ZTE Grand Memo V9815 Phablet Review – Specs, Features and Price

ZTE launches new phablet that is ZTE Grand Memo V9815. The attractions of this ne phablet are its 13 MP camera, 5.7” display and Android Jelly Bean OS. Although there is great competition in this range from many companies but it is believed that this phablet will win from all of them. Let us go through its specs and features to know what special this phablet contains.

ZTE Grand Memo V9815 Specs –

  • Processor – Quad core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1.7 GHz clocked frequency
  • Operating System – Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • Screen – 5.7 inches
  • Camera – 13 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras
  • 32 GB expandable SD memory card slot
ZTE Grand Memo V9815 Phablet

ZTE Grand Memo V9815 Phablet

ZTE Grand Memo V9815 Features –

As discussed above, the phablet has all the basic features that a user may desire. It will run on latest Android 4.1.2 operating system that will be upgradable. There is nothing said about the connectivity features of the device but looking to its other features it may have 4G LTE connectivity. The quad core processor is another thing that adds to the positive side of the phablet.

For entertainment purpose, the device will support internet and thus you can access Android app market that has a lot to play with. You can choose from thousands of apps of different kinds that you are in need of. Also the ZTE Grand Memo V9815 phablet has 13 MP rear camera, although the quality of the camera is not revealed so nothing can be said about that but as ZTE have to maintain its competition, the camera quality must be better in comparison to the other phablets in the same range. It also has a 2 MP front camera to support video calls and conferences.


The price and availability details of ZTE Grand Memo V9815 are not yet announced by the company but it will be released soon in the market with minimum possible cost.

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