Vodafone Smart Tab II Review – Specs, Features and Price

Vodafone Smart Tab II has got reviews from users that are rather disheartening than encouraging. May be because Vodafone is extending from original mobile phone service based business to the segment of mobile phones and tabs, there are initial hiccups in order to ascertain the right way of making and selling  smart tab ii. While many of the offered features for a new product may be appreciating enough, it is also not possible to have no attractive features at all; otherwise it will find no buyers. So let’s be positive with this new tab and keep faith on the good brand name of Vodafone, to go ahead and find out what features are there that are really good and distinct ones.

The Plus Points

First and foremost, the Vodafone Smart Tab II comes with in-built Docs To Go apps that allows you to easily access and read Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on the go. Secondly, it is fully accessible for Google Play to explore and download all the apps and games that are being constantly added in there. So, there will be no dearth of fun at least! Lastly but not the least, the battery life is pretty much appreciable with at least a day’s performance ensured before the next charging required. That’s pretty good, I would say, as most of the tabs need charging after every 12 hours at most.

Lenovo Built Vodafone Smart Tab II
Lenovo Built Vodafone Smart Tab II

The Improvements Sought After

Well, the new product really leaves a lot of room for improvement. For one, the camera is of 2 megapixels with LED flash but it is only fit for rough visual documentation. The quality will never be anywhere near to good picture, leave alone artistic photography! The touch screen is really poor, needing often more than one touch for a selection. Lack of any oleo phobic coating not only makes the screen prone to getting dirty by finger impressions but also reduces longevity of the screen and makes the tab equivalent to the primitive ones in the category. The screen resolution is also average of 1024 X 600 pixels, nowhere comparable to any HD display.

Although powered with 1 GB RAM, the processor is single core, affecting user interface performance like playing games, which is pretty slow and rather irritating than interesting. Built by Lenovo, the Vodafone Smart Tab II is pretty heavy at 420 grams, much contrary to its thin outfit of less than 12 mm. That’s quite surprising and really needs a relook for improvement.


Vodafone will charge £20 on a monthly contract, over and above £29 selling price. At this seemingly higher price range, perhaps something more was expected by the users.

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