Use a mobile tracker software and find out the true colors of your employees

Are you a satisfied employer? If yes then either you are a good employer or else you don’t have a clue what your employees do under your nose. It is next to impossible for an employer to get a 100% ratio of good employees who cause no trouble at work. To solve this mystery, you just need to make one decision. That simple decision is to install your employee’s cell phone with a mobile tracker software and keep an eye on them from close.

Phone tracking
Phone tracking

How can a mobile tracker help you?

With the help of StealthGenie, employers can keep track of their employees from wherever they want to. This software is totally undetectable and it works inside your employee’s cell phone without disrupting any of its features. It performs its work in a complete professional way and does not let anyone find out about it.

Starting up:

To start using StealthGenie, firstly you need to sign-up for an account with this software. Once the sign-up process is complete, you need to download this software in your employee’s cell phone. By now you would have received a Username and Password from StealthGenie. With the help of that Username and Password, you can have complete access to your employee’s cell phone whenever you want to.

Contact numbers and e-mails:

This mobile tracker provides employers access to details of all the contact numbers saved in their employee’s cell phone. They even get to view all the e-mails of their employees.

Call records:

Information about all the calls made from the cell phone of your employee or any call received on their cell phone is provided to employers as well. Another option that employers have is that they can even record any call if they wish to.

Geo Tracking:

A feature known as “Geo Tracking” provides employers with the ability to trace the precise location of their employees whenever they want to. This is a pretty handy feature to keep a close eye on your employees.

Best option:

To find out the true colors of all their employees, employers need the help of a mobile tracker software. StealthGenie is the best option for all the concerned employers.

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