Updating Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710 with CM9 Firmware

For the users of Android smartphones Ice Cream Sandwich is a gift. The ICS is a rage all round the world. It appears that maximum devices that feature Android OS previously had its part of Google’s delight. There will be a drastic change in the device particularly the software part through the use of Cyanogen Mod 9 in Galaxy S2 Epic 4G. With the help of Cyanogen Mod 9 custom ROM users can have easy installation of Android OS v4.0 ICS.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710 CM9

CyanogenMod9 wholly customizes Ice Cream Sandwich except Touch wiz User Interface and various other Samsung bloat ware. Although much advancement in Cyanogen Mod 9, it is still under grave development. So you might be able to watch this ROM with disadvantages still prevailing:

  1. Many a time’s music force closes.
  2. Apps2SD do not function for external SD.
  3. Video recording is not properly decoded to MP4.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch handset.
  2. USB driver i.e. Kies for connecting device to computer.  Download KIES.
  3. Uninstall Samsung Kies so as to avoid interruption during flash process.
  4. Charge your Galaxy S2 Epic fully to prevent damage due to failure of battery during updating.
  5. You should create backup of all your important data.

Procedure to update Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch to CM9 Firmware:


  • Download and save the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich-based Cyanogen Mod 9 ROM
  •  Download the Google Apps package  and save it to your PC.
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch to PC using USB cable.
  • Copy both – Cyanogen Mod9 and Google App zip files to root of your SD card so that it is easily detectable.


·         EL26 Stock Clockwork Mod Recovery

  1. On your PC download and save EL26 Stock Clockwork Mod Recovery.
  2. In your PC download and save Odin 1.85.
  3. Using a archive extraction software like win-zip etc. Extract the contents of Odin 1.85 into a folder.
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Press and hold down ‘volume down and power button’ simultaneously to reboot your Galaxy to Download Mode.
  6. On your computer from extracted Odin folder launch Odin app by clicking Odin3 v1.85.exe.
  7. Connect your device to the PC. You will greet a message on Odin 3 window ‘Added’ at the bottom left box. If you do not receive a message then there might be a problem with your USB driver.
  8. Click on PDA tab on Odin 3 window and choose file ‘StockCWM-EL26.tar.md5’ which was downloaded earlier.
  9. Uncheck ‘auto reboot’ checkbox in Odin3 app. Do not apply any changes in Odin window.
  10.  To begin flashing Clockwork Mod Recovery, click on start button. If you are successful you will receive a notification notifying ‘PASS’ with green background.
  11. After flashing is over in Odin window, disconnect Galaxy S2.
  12. Turn off your Galaxy.
  13. Now reinsert the battery. Do not switch it on.

·         Clockwork Mod Recovery

  1. Press and hold down the “Volume Up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons concurrently to boot your device into Clockwork Mode Recovery. Wait until the screen turns on.
  2. Choose “factory reset/ wipe data”, and then click “Yes” on the screen that makes device to start performing data wipe.
  3. Choose “Install zip from SD card” option and then choose “Choose zip from SD card”. Search the Cyanogen Mod 9 file which you have copied to your phone and select it. Select ‘Yes’ so that device start flashing this file. It may take 5 to 10 minutes for ROM to complete installation.
  4. Repeat the above procedure for Google Apps also.
  5. To go back to main Recovery menu, choose ‘Go Back’ option.
  6. To restart your device, select “reboot system now” option.

Now you can enjoy your Epic 4G Touch with new feature that operates on Android OS v4.0.3 ICS which is installed using Cyanogen Mod 9 custom ROM.

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