Unlock Pattern, Password, PIN or Face Lock on Any Android Device

It may happen with you that for increasing security on your device, you put a lock on it. The lock may be of any type like pattern lock, pin, face lock or password. But in case, if you forgot the way to unlock your device then what will you do? You will feel like that you have lost your Android device permanently.

So, here we have given you the methods to bypass the security unlock of your Android. If you have set password or PIN and forgot them then while following the given method to unlock your Android, you may lose some data. This is not in case with face and pattern locks. So, let us begin one by one to unlock your Android.

Unlock PIN / Password Lock

If you have used a password or pin to lock your Android device and forgot it then follow the below mentioned steps to unlock your Android.

  • First method is to use “Screen Lock Bypass Pro” app available in Google PLAY Store at £2.60. But this app doesn’t work in all devices and also it requires that your Android must be online and you have your Google account signed in.
  • Go to Google PLAY Store, find the app and click to buy. Now install the app and go to “Send To” and choose your device from the list. After the installation completes, restart your Android device and click “Activate”. Reset your password.

Unlock Android Password Lock

  • If your device is not supported by the above mentioned app then perform the following steps but this will make you lose some of your device’s data. (That is why it is asked you to back up your device’s data regularly.)
  • Make your Android boot in recovery mode. Use Volume Up + Home + Power keys together for it. If the key combination doesn’t work for you then check out our post How To Enter in Recovery Mode in Android.
  • Now use Volume Up + Down keys to move to “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and select it using Power button.

Unlock Android Password Lock

  • Again use the Volume Down key and Power button to select “Yes”.

Unlock Android Password Lock

  • Now select “Reboot System Now” and your Android will be unlocked now.

Unlock Face Lock

Unlock Android Face Lock

If you have set up a face lock to increase the security of your Android device and either you forgot it or your face is changed or your camera stops working then don’t panic. If you have remembered the PIN or password your device ask as a backup while you set up face lock then use it. If you don’t remember that then use the above mentioned method “Unlock PIN or Password”.

Unlock Pattern Lock

To unlock the pattern lock, follow the steps given.

  • Enter incorrect pattern five times.
  • On fifth time, a message will pop up that will say you to try again after 30 seconds.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock

  • Now it will depend on your Android device that what it will ask for. It may enquire your Google account details or may launch the security question or will display an option of Forgot Pattern.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock

  • If it asks for your Google account details, fill them and “Sign In”. If you have forgotten your Google details also then you can renew it from here.
  • Reset your pattern lock now; remember to choose something easy this time.
Aayushi Jain

Aayushi is the senior tech news reporter of Techno Stall. Most of the time, you'll find her searching for the latest and hottest gadgets. She's a computer science graduate, currently working for TCS, kind of a geeky girl. Follow her on Google+.

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  1. my child had played with my phone and it locked wipe screen with, it asks pattern which is unknown, it asks my gmail account & password which are also, unknown.
    the recovery mode does not work,also, if I Enter incorrect pattern five times.
    On fifth time, a message will pop up that will say you to try again after 30 seconds.but, next option is not given to me at all!! and it does not ask my google account. So, please, help me to unlock.

    ahmed Dalmar

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