How to type in Hindi on Android mobile

We are living in a highly connected world. Every second billions of messages or content is being shared over social networking applications or websites such as Wats App, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Wechat and the list goes on

Let us help you in making these interactions friendlier with the use of Hindi language font. In this article we will focus on how to type in Hindi in Android & iOS phones to help you interact in your language on social networking apps. The best part about this feature is that you will type in English language and this feature will convert the same into Hindi language font on your phone

Let’s get started!

Hindi keyboard androidHow to type in Hindi on Android (WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat etc)

  1. Download the Google Indic Keyboard app from Google Play Store: Click Here
  2. Once the app is installed on your mobile, Go to Settings > Language & Input
  3. Check the category – “Google Hindi Input”
  4. In the Input section you can choose to switch on/off auto spelling correction for English & Hindi language
  5. Click on Default and select the mode – “Hinglish & Hindi – Google Hindi Input”
  6. You are done!

Now, whenever you start typing in your phone through WhatsApp or any other app , the Google Input keyboard will appear and if you intend to write in Hindi fonts, all you need to do is press the button a>अ and start typing in Hindi language on Android phone

Happy texting!

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