Tutorial to Upload Videos From Motorola Android to Facebook


If you are using Motorola Android smartphone then you might get frustrated when you don’t get any direct option of uploading videos to Facebook. While most of the Android devices have a direct option of uploading videos, you have to do a little bit more in Motorola. There are two methods by which you can finish this job. The one is using email to upload videos to Facebook using your Motorola Android but this is not always helpful. Check out the below mentioned methods to do the same.

Steps to Upload Videos to Facebook From Motorola Android –

Upload Videos From Motorola Android to Facebook
Upload Videos From Motorola Android to Facebook

Using Video Streaming App

  • Download video streaming apps like Qik and Bloo.
  • Download Facebook app and log in to it.
  • Now open the app you downloaded in step 1 and select the video you want to upload. Choose the option of “Share” and select “Facebook” from there.
  • Your video will now be uploaded to Facebook easily.

Using Email

  • Download the Facebook app and log in to it.
  • Go to “Upload Video”. Select “Mobile Phone”.
  • It will give you an email address; you have to send the videos to it.
  • Make an email using your smartphone and send it to the address given to you. The subject of your email will be the caption of the video you uploaded.
  • You video will be uploaded to Facebook in no time.

You can use any of the above mentioned methods to upload any video you desire to upload on Facebook. It is recommended that you use video streaming app for the purpose since the email procedure supports only some devices.

Keep uploading the videos and share them with your friends and colleagues and enjoy your life. Tell us about your experience about the same in comments.