Tutorial on how to use Nexus Root Toolkit to root Nexus 7

There are many Apps which will run on your tablet if and only if the device is rooted. “Root” simply means the permission to access inner workings in the Android operating system. When you root a phone, it permits the app and provides security clearance. Those all who possess a Google Nexus 7 can follow a simple procedure and root their tablet to use all those apps who ask for root access such as USB sticks, custom ROMs, Linux, etc.


  • The process is only for the device with model: Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Applying the process on some other device will harm the device.
  • Any harm to your device during the rooting process is very unlikely and is completely your responsibility. We are not to be blamed for any damage. So, follow the process if and only if you understand everything being asked to do. Ask all the queries you have, we are happy to help.
  • Rooting this device will void the warranty of your tablet.
  • While rooting, if your device stops responding, then disconnect and restart it and repeat the steps.


  • In the hardware part, you will need a PC working on Windows, a USB cable, and of course, the Nexus 7 Tablet.
  • In the software part, you will have to install Nexus Root Toolkit. When you open the NRT, look at the top-left corner, and set the ‘Your Model Type’ option as Nexus 7.
Nexus Root Toolkit
Nexus Root Toolkit
  • For the recover-data part, you must backup all the stuff stored in your device. NRT offers a ‘Backup + Restore’ option which will make the job easier for you.
  • Other requirements include Android Debug Bridge. This tool allows the PC to interact with Android devices. In NRT, look for the ‘Advanced utilities’ section and click ‘Launch’. In the window that follows, click ‘Launch CMD Prompt’. Further, type in command window that follows- “adb start-server”. Close all and return back to NRT.
android debug bridge
  • Additionally, you must enable USB Debugging. Follow: open “Settings” application >> click “Developer options” >> tick the “USB Debugging” box >> In NRT, click “Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual”. Then follow as suggested by the windows that appear on the screen. This won’t be difficult as NRT offers a very detailed instruction.
Driver Setup WugFresh
  • Last requirement but not the least. You will have to unlock the boot-loader. In NRT, simply click ‘Unlock’. This force the device to boot and it takes more time than usual. After it boots, again enable the ‘USB Debugging’ mode.
Unlock bootloader Nexus 7

Steps to root Nexus 7 using NRT

  • Click ‘Root’ after you have unlocked the device. This makes the SuperSU to pop-up and it asks for permissions of root access for the apps.
Superuser request Nexus7
  • In NRT, below the root button, there are options asking either to flash CWM or not in radio buttons form. There is also an alternate recovery mode but CWM is recommended.
  • Now run the SuperSU app as it is the final step to complete the installing process.

This is it. You have successfully rooted the tablet. Just in case you want to undo these changes, NRT is the one that will help you with this and take you back to factory specifications.

If you want to root your Nexus 7 using CWM recovery then check out this article.

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