Transferring the Music and Pictures from PC to Nokia Lumia 800

Vivid varieties of features are provided to approach on window phones and constantly there is something to acquire about it. So, now we shall check out how one can transfer the pictures and music files from PC to Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800. In contrast to other handset where one can candidly copy and sync files between PC and window phone, Windows Phone has abreast safeguard procedure to do that using which one can even sync pics and music from its market.

Steps to transfer music files and pics from PC to your Nokia Lumia 800

  1. At first, download ZUNE on your PC and run ZUNE on your PC.
  2. Now, connect the phone and PC using the USB cable. As the connection is made, ZUNE will begin on its own. If it is first experience using ZUNE then one will need to complete setting as instructed.
  3. Next, choose the “Collection” option at the top of the ZUNE where one can get some options like videos, pics, music, channels and postcards.
  4. Now, choose the music option .it will exhibit all files on computer and then choose the files which one desire to transfer.
  5. Pull all those pics and music to lumia which is there at the foot of Zune window.

If one is desirous of transferring pics, then choose “pictures” under heading “collection” and pursue the same process above.

In some cases, one is not able to see all the pics and music files on computer in collection heading. This happens because Zune displays the files which are there in library. So, one should not get panic if file is not found. You need to transfer pictures to “Pictures” and music files to “My Music” folder in library and then Zune should be used. One can see files that were transferred by opening music folder that will display all the transferred files from Zune.

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