Top 10 iPhone 5 Cases

Have you ordered your iPhone 5? If yes, then you must be in need of some cases for the smartphone. Here is a long and detailed list of the best cases for iPhone 5. Explore the article further to know more about them.

iPhone 5 Case #1: Hard Candy

If you are in search of a rugged case then this case will be best for you, it will change the whole design of your smartphone giving it shock absorbing quality.

iPhone 5 Case: Hard Candy
Hard Candy

iPhone 5 Case #2: Case Mate

This is another most appealing case for your smartphone giving it all round protection with beauty.

iPhone 5 Case: Case Mate
Case Mate

iPhone 5 Case #3: Musubu

If you are a music lover then this case will suit you best since it is based on retro style and at the same time it is able to protect the device using its dual layer technology. It is available in five colors that are Silver, Black, White, Red and Blue.

iPhone 5 Case: Musubu

iPhone 5 Case #4: iLuv

Want a creative case? If yes, then here are some for you. They have exclusive designs and protection qualities..

iPhone 5 Case: iLuv

iPhone 5 Case #5: Sculpteo

These cases can be bought using Sculpteo app, that’s why their name is also same. Giving a different look to your iPhone, these cases will be delivered with the date on which they are ordered printed inside.

iPhone 5 Case Sculpteo

iPhone 5 Case #6: Kensington

If you want t give a professional look to your iPhone then this will be best for you. It has classic design.


iPhone 5 Case #7: Waterfield Designs

This case is made basically for iPhone 4 but they will cover the iPhone 5 as well, it has many colors with different styles so you may choose the best one for you.  It will protect your device from scratches and small shocks.

Waterfield Designs
Waterfield Designs

iPhone 5 Case #8: Marware

It is anther classically design case for the device. It will provide a whole different look to it.


iPhone 5 Case #9: X-Doria

X-Doria has designed many exciting cases for the device which will make it look more stylish and at the same time it will protect it also, go grab them and show t your friends.


iPhone 5 Case #10: Lenmar

This case is not available till yet but will be there at the end of this year so if you can wait then this is one of the best cases, it have classic look with a glossy button at back. It will be available in many vibrant colors with $69.99 price tag.


The list of best cases for iPhone 5 ends here, choose the one best suits to you.

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