Losing your hearing can be upsetting and frustrating. It prevents you from participating in conversations and interacting with your friends and loved ones. Before long hearing loss tends to cause a withdrawal from social situations as attempts to hear and interact prove to be futile. The good news it, it does not have to be this way.

Advances in technology over the years have given rise to dramatic improvements in hearing aids and one popular model is the right in the ear (RITE) device.

This type consists of a hearing aid that sits behind the ear and attaches to a thin wire that holds the receiver responsible for picking up sound directly in the ear. If you are experiencing hearing loss and are unsure of what hearing aid is right for you, below are advantages of RITE hearing aids.

1. Clear

The main objective of wearing hearings aids is to regain your ability to hear. People that wear them and have issues state that their hearing aids cause distortion and feedback. These issues definitely cause those that need to wear them to leave them at home, defeating the purpose of purchasing the devices in the first place.

RITE hearing aids are a popular choice because they do not cause the issues that some other types are notorious for.  This is because the microphone and speaker are adequately separated. The speaker is placed very close to the eardrum, ensuring that the user can pick up all sounds. This results in less volume being used which in turn extends the battery life of the device.

2. Comfortable

While the most important thing when wearing hearing aids is being able to hear, another objective is comfort. Because you will be wearing your hearing aids frequently, you want to make sure you enjoy a great deal of comfort. Otherwise, chances are you will not wear them as needed.

RITE hearing aids are one of the most comfortable options available. They do fit directly in the ear, but they consist of silicone pieces perforated with tiny holes in them. This allows you to still enjoy the amount of inherent hearing ability that you still have and does not give the sensation that your ears are plugged. These silicone domes are available in many different shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that you will get the pair that fits the size of your ear canals perfectly. As mentioned, the microphone and speaker are separated on RITE hearing aids.

This allows the devices to appear very small, therefore allowing you to hide them easily. Most people that wear RITE hearing aids report that they often forget that they are them because of how lightweight and comfortable they are.

3. Easy to use

You want your hearing aids to be useful to you in all social situations. Because some environments or occasions may be a little noisier than others, it is crucial that you are able to control the volume of your hearing aids.

RITE hearing aids are preferred by those with hearing loss from mild to severe because they can be easily customized to the situation. For example, if you are in a busy place with a lot of noise you can either chose to turn the amplifier down so you are not picking up these sounds as easy or up if you need to socialize with those with you. The fact that RITE hearing aids are easier to use is especially ideal if your hearing abilities change over time, allowing you to change the settings on them as needed.


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