SwiftKey 4 – An Ultimate Keyboard App for Android

If you are using an Android Smartphone, you might get pretty bored with the usual Keyboard of your phone. It does not have much to offer neither supports many themes. Well, then you should try out the SwiftKey 4 keyboard. It has been rated as one of the most popular and powerful keyboards developed for the Android smartphones. The SwiftKey 4 keyboard is a paid android app and supports many features like gesture typing, powerful and accurate prediction and correction and can also predicts the next word. We will be reviewing the app so that you can get an insight about it and can experience this one of a kind app.

How to setup the SwiftKey 4 Keyboard

The app can be downloaded from the Android Play store. The keyboard supports over 60 languages which you can switch to very easily. After downloading the app and installing it, the app will request to install a language pack which includes 60 languages like English, Australian, Mandarin, Korean etc. You can choose the required language for use. It also asks for other social network login like facebook, twitter, gmail etc.

SwiftKey 4 Keyboard App
SwiftKey 4 Keyboard App

Features of the SwiftKey 4

  • Powerful prediction:
    The best feature of this keyboard is its ability to learn your language and type of typing, although it takes a long time to actually learn your texting habits perfectly. It predicts the words and corrections accurately. It adjusts its settings to your typing habits and allows you to type very fast. It also fills in additional words if you accidentally miss them out.
  • Space additions:
    The SwiftKey 4 keyboard has the ability to automatically insert spaces between words if you accidentally miss them out. It separates out the words very accurately and inserts space efficiently. But it has a limit of 6 words, it stops inserting spaces if you write 6 words continuously.
  • Swift Flow:
    The keyboard offers a beautiful graphical trace line when typing. It shows a sort of flow line between the letters and this feature is known as Swift Flow. It looks very beautiful and adds another dimension to your texting habits. It is similar to the Swype keyboard which is available in many smartphones.


The SwiftKey 4 Keyboard has taken the virtual keyboards to a new level where extremely fast typing is possible without making errors. The ability to learn the typing habits and new words is a very powerful feature of this app and it allows this app to stand above all the other keyboard apps. This app is certainly not complete yet but for a price of just $3.99 it is worth the purchase. If you hurry, you might get the app for a price of just $1.99 (promotional price). So check out this awesome app and do let us know your views in the comment section.

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