Sony Xperia J Smartphone is the newest inclusion in the Xperia family. It is redesigned to be more efficient and useful for the users. But does it have what it takes to be a really smart Smartphone? Let’s find out.


Some of the specifications of this new Xperia Smartphone are as follows:

  • Platform: it has a ARM v7 platform
  • CPU: the CPU of this phone is ARM Cortex A5 single-core with 1 GHz and it is powered by soC (System-on-a-chip)
  • Memory: The working memory is of 512 MB and the internal memory is of 4 GB.
  • Screen: 4.0 inch full touch screen.
  • Operating System: It features aneroid version 4.0.4., which is also popularly referred to as Ice cream sandwich.
  • Display: It has a display of 854 x 480 pixels. The pixel density is 254 ppi. It also has a high contrast and has a clear display.
  • Case: the case of this Smartphone is made of high grade polycarbonate. The front cover is glossy and the back one is matt giving if a classy look.
  • Weight: it weighs 124 grams.
  • Size: it is quite lengthy having dimension of 124.3 X 61.2 X 9.2 mm. However it is quite thinner than its rivals.
  • Colors: black, pink, gold and white are the four colors in which you can avail this Smartphone.
  • SD card: the memory of the Smartphone can be extended up to 32 GB by using SD card.
  • Wi-Fi: the Wi-Fi is certified and has a standard module.
  • Bluetooth: it supports the 2.1 version of Bluetooth.
  • Camera: The rear camera is of 5 megapixels. The front facing camera is mainly for web purpose and cannot be used otherwise as it has a very low resolution of 0.3 megapixels.
  • Power consumption: it consumes around 0.3 to 1.1 in idle mode and 2.1 watt during maximum load.
  • Battery duration: it runs for 5:21 minutes during full load.

Sony Xperia J


  • The touch calibration is quite impressive. It supports multi touch gestures and also is very smooth. Both the landscape and the portrait mode are comfortable to use.
  • The viewing angle is quite stable and there is not much color interference.
  • It has a good color representation.
  • The speech sound quality is good and up to the mark.
  • It has a warranty for 24 months and 12 months for the accessories.


  • Speaker quality is poor and the sounds often appear to be vague.
  • The reflection caused during daylight is quite distracting.
  • The buttons are not up to the mark and are not comfortable to use.
  • There are very less accessories available with the Smartphone.
  • The software are not up to date.
  • The pre installed media player often fails to support most of the formats.
  • The temperature sometimes exceeds the comfort limit.


The Xperia J is priced at 239 EUR which is quite less than that of its contenders. Also if you get it from an online platform then the price goes down.


Judging the pros and the cons of the new Sony Xperia J Smartphone it is evident that the quality is compromised due to its low price. But if you are looking for just a Smartphone in affordable range then this is the perfect one.

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