Sony Vaio T Series 15 Touch Ultrabook Review – Specs, Features, Price

Sony Vaio
T Series 15

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On February 7, 2013
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Worth the money, powerful gadget, running windows 8 64 bit, full hd touch touch screen and much more. Looks could have still been stressed upon.

Every time there is a launch of a gadget, Sony makes sure it stands a class apart. Known for making those unique style statements and the trendy sparks it emits with every product, needless to say, one has an investment made with every buy. One such revolution set to rock the market again, is the all new Sony Vaio T Series 15 Touch Ultrabook. Ultra-portable, brighter HD display, multi touch screen, Intel’s i7 core processor, and those outstanding apps by Sony, all these and much more making it an all-purpose laptop with the statement Sony Hails, Make Believe.. Set right.



  • Vibrant and catchy VAIO logo engraved on its back
  • Has a Silver Mist brushed aluminium body
  • Easy to open grip is created by a hard plastic lip along the top
  • Plastic strip towards the bottom of the lid could have been ignored as it does no good to the design and making it more prone for the dust to accumulate.
  • Inner side of the Ultrabook is of a single aluminium panel.
  • Web, Vaio Assist, Vaio control Centre and the power button, with two speakers on both sides, reside at top right.
  • Island style keyboard leaving a quarter inch gap on each side.
  • Adequate spacing between the keys, and an outstanding full number pad.
  • System of backlight that shuts after 10 seconds on inactivity.
  • Touchpad being smoother, and friendlier towards the latest windows 8 friend.
  • Weighing of about 5 pounds on whole

Sony Vaio T Series 15 Touch


  • Known for its unique display quality, from an LCD back home to an Ultrabook, Sony keeps an eye on quality it serves to its users, making sure they get the best HD experience.
  • Précised and sharp details
  • Brighter Display following the standards of full HD touch-screen display (1920 x 1080).
  • Viewing angles were to be worked upon, and suffers shallow viewing angles making it difficult to accommodate 2 viewers at a time.
  • Fluid motion, quick, intuitive and impressive touch.

Audio and Ports

  • Sony stands amongst the finest percussion companies, giving its devices the confidence to fare well in every entertaining genre. And with complete range of updated ports, one has to go to the depth to ensure for a missing feature.
  • Powered by Intel HD Audio with xLoud (increasing clarity at loud volumes) and Clear Phase Technology.
  • Distortions at maximum volumes could be annoying at times.
  • Pair of USB 2.0 ports on the right side
  • DVD Burner is also towards the right side.
  • SD and Memory Stick card slots are provided at the front.
  • A USB 3.0 port, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet and jacks for headset and power adapter are situated towards the left side.
  • Webcam capturing images and videos in 720p, with a slight visual noise in every image.

Performance and Storage

  • Equipped with the latest and best of the technologies, the VAIO T Series 15 is embedded with the following:
  • A 2-GHz Intel Core i7 processor family with a RAM of 8GB
  • 750 GB 5,400pm hard drive with 24 GB MLC( Multi level cells) hybrid drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 for graphics good enough to watch HD videos and casual gaming
  • Os being the latest eye candy Windows 8 64 bit
  • Multi-tasking with ease, having opened up to 8 tabs of IE, still running a full PC scan without any delays
  • A Battery Backup of 4:21, merely bad, but is overshadowed by the specs.


  • The software support offered by Sony is more user friendly and reliable. Trust me, I own a Vaio to my account.
  • Vaio control centre helping with the basic performance issues
  • Vaio Care for troubleshooting issues, optimize performance and install updates timely
  • Vaio movie creator, Movie studio platinum 12.0,ACID Music Studio 9.0 and Sound Forge Studio are included.
  • Third Party Apps include Hulu plus, I heart Radio, Skype, Slacker Radio and a trial version of Kaspersky Internet security.


  • Product comes with a limited warranty period of one year.

PS: $1,099 Sony Vaio T Series 15 Ultrabook has features worth every penny. Super fast performance, though a poor battery backup, but still promising and making one believe the real worth.

Worth the money, powerful gadget, running windows 8 64 bit, full hd touch touch screen and much more. Looks could have still been stressed upon.
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