Some best iPhone Games

iPhone Game #1: Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a cartoon bird game in which the birds are used as projectile weapons to kill the green pigs that stole their eggs. The game is based on simple physics logics.

iPhone Game #2:  Scrabble


Scrabble is a word game in which you can either play with your iPhone as opponent or with any other online player. The game is provided with learning tools that helps you to understand the game. It is also provided with teacher mode and options for cheater that enable your iPhone to go for highest score word.

iPhone Game #3: Words With Friends

Words With Friends
Words With Friends

The creator of this game is the creators of Farmville, the game is about to create new words from the previous ones. The game brings a feeling of togetherness; you can play it with your friends, family and colleagues. It also increases general knowledge.

iPhone Game #4: Plant v/s Zombies

Plant vs Zombies
Plant vs Zombies

It is an interesting game in which Zombies attack your manicured lawn and you have to save it from them using ears of corn, flora and frozen watermelons. The game has 50 levels to win.

iPhone Game #5: Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride

As the name sounds, the game has jetpacks in it; the hero of the game is Barry Steakfries. Jetpack Joyride cranked the nostalgia of tried and true side up with several notches.

iPhone Game #6: Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump
Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of the popular games and has won many awards. The themes of the game include graveyard, colorful winter, space and jungle. To play the game you have to tilt your iPhone so that the Doodler is guided to climb the platforms to get all goodies while killing out the monsters.

iPhone Game #7: Solitaire

Solitaire game iPhone

The name is enough to explain the game, every other person knows about the cards game and how to play it but in this version you can play it with many players and other good thing is that it is a free game.

iPhone Game #8: Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja game iPhone
Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is developed by Halfbrick Studio in which fruits are the enemy of Ninja’s (How can a fruit be an enemy?). To play the game you have to swipe your thumb on the screen to cut the fruit into two pieces before they touch the ground and if you slice a bomb by mistake then your game is over. The game can either be played with your iPhone as opponent or any other online player.

iPhone Game #9: Catan

Catan game iPhone

Catan is an endless board game. You have to roll the dice to get the cards with sheep, wood, wheat, ore or brick and then you have to trade them with the other player to build your roads, settlements and cities. Roads are used to get two settlements connected and these settlements can then further converted to cities. The player that earns 10 points first wins the game.

iPhone Game #10: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope iPhone game
Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is equally famous as Angry Birds; the game involves a green animal with name Om Nom. To play the game you have to cut the ropes that a candy is tied with, such that the candy must go to the Om Nom’s open mouth.

iPhone Game #11: FarmVille

FarmVille game iPhone

One of the most famous Facebook game is now available to iPhone users, FarmVille. In this game you will begin as a low grade farmer and then you have to grow your crops accordingly to get more profits to buy big equipments and land for more earnings.

iPhone Game #12: Pictureka

Pictureka iPhone game

Pictureka game is like finding a key in a messy room. You will be provided with a screen having many objects in it and you will be given a list of objects that you have to find in the given scene. There will be a clock timer and you have to finish your game before the clock turns off.

iPhone Game #13: Wurdle

Wurdle iPhone game

Wurdle is a game of tracing words in a definite manner like grid, acrostic and many more in definite time. At the end of the game, all words will be displayed with your total score.

iPhone Game #14: GeoDefense Swarm

GeoDefense Swarm iPhone game
GeoDefense Swarm

In GeoDefense Swarm you have to blast all the creatures with the help of cannons. The game is easy to play but to become a master you must have nimble mind with nimble fingers.

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