Access shared internet of PC (wireless adhoc) in Android or WP device

I have two smartphones, Galaxy S2 and Samsung Focus. I use 3G connection data-plan on both, sometimes I use my office’s Wi-Fi connection but I never had to use the shared internet (via wireless ad hoc) from my laptop. But today I had to use it because the 3G speed was not good and I had to download some big games (for reviewing purpose). So I created a wireless ad-hoc network in my laptop and allowed the system to share internet connection but I faced a problem. The problem was that this wireless ad hoc network was not appearing on my android device. I searched for the solution on internet but didn’t find any working procedure. Although I came to know that this problem is with Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices. But this is not true because my Samsung Focus (which is a windows phone) was also facing the same problem. So I did some more research and finally I found the solution. If you are facing the same problem then follow the steps given below.

Access your computer’s broadband internet connection on Android / Windows phone

Step 1: First of all download this software: Connectify. No need to download the pro version, just download the free version. It works fine. Size of this software is around 3.9 MB.

Step 2: Now install this software in your computer. This is a very easy task so I guess I don’t need to explain this part.

Step 3: After installing this, run it. Put any name in “Hotspot Name” and enter your desired Password. Select the internet connection which you want to share (by default it is Local Area Network).

Step 4: In the “Advanced Settings” set the “Share Over” option to “Wi-Fi” and select the “Sharing Mode” to “Wi-Fi Access Point, Encrypted WPA2“.

Step 5: There are some pro features which are not available in this free version of software so we will skip those. Just click on “Start Hotspot” button and you are done.

Step 6: Turn on Wi-Fi in your Android or Windows OS device and search for the available wireless connections. You will find the network you have just created. Select that, enter the password and you’re connected. Now you can use your computer’s broadband connection on your android / windows device.

My laptop’s screenshots

Below are the screenshots of my laptop’s running Connectify so that you can get an idea whether you’re doing it right or wrong. The first image is the point where you enter the Hotspot name, password etc. Second image shows that the number of clients connected to this hotspot are 0 (zero). Then I connected my Galaxy S2 to this hotspot and it appeared in Connectify (third image).

Why do I have to use this software? What’s wrong with ad-hoc network of Windows operating system?

Actually this is a bit hardware issue. Some older operating system’s (like gingerbread and wp mango 7.5) are not smart enough to recognize the ad-hoc network created by your computer. But this software solves this problem and allows you to create a wireless hub in very less time.

It worked for me. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you. I’ll be glad to help. Have a good day!

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