How to send or receive money using Gmail

Do you know Gmail has a feature to send or receive money? With the help of Google Wallet you can send money via email from your Gmail. The feature is available in United States only so if you are a US resident then you can use this option to send or receive money. It will allow you to send money to any other US resident using his Gmail address.

The whole process will require your personal information so make sure you are giving it to secure hands. Anyone that has access to your Gmail account can access your fund. You must use two steps authentication provided by Gmail to tighten its security.

You have to connect your account’s information to Google Wallet. You can use debit card or credit card to send money and you can add bank account to receive.

Steps to send or receive money using Gmail –

  • Login to Google Wallet.
  • Click to “Add debit card or credit card”.
  • Follow onscreen instructions and fill the details.
  • Now you have activated this feature.
  • Open you Gmail account.
  • Create a new email.
  • On the bottom task bar, you will see a “+” sign, click to it and you will see “$” sign on the bar.
  • It is very easy now, just enter the amount you want to send and the source.
  • Now send the email to whom you want to send the money, the money is attached to the email.
  • For the receiver, he too has to go to same steps to receive money from Gmail.

This is the whole rocess to send or receive money usng Gmail or Google Wallet. This is very simple but the only flaw is that it is available in United States only. Try the feature and tell us about your experience in comments.

Aayushi Jain

Aayushi is the senior tech news reporter of Techno Stall. Most of the time, you'll find her searching for the latest and hottest gadgets. She's a computer science graduate, currently working for TCS, kind of a geeky girl. Follow her on Google+.

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