Saving Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life in 5 ways

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a huge battery, 2600mAh which can keep in going for 17hrs at a stress. But with use, the battery dies out and in the end the phone suffers from severe charging issues. This problem comes with almost every Android smartphone. But there are ways through which you can control or minimise the power loss to some extent which might actually give some more juice to the phone’s battery. So I will be sharing with you 5 ways to save some battery juice for your Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 Battery

  • Screen brightness:
    The Galaxy S4 has a very powerful screen. By powerful, I mean it consumes a lot of power when used with maximum brightness. There is also an option called “Automatic brightness” which allows the phone to adjust its brightness according to the environmental conditions. But if you really wish to save some battery, then use it in minimum brightness. Go to Settings>>Screen and select the minimum brightness. You might face some problem using the phone with such low brightness but you will soon get used to it.
  • Controlling Wi-Fi and 3G usage:
    Most of the people have this habit of keeping the Wi-Fi or 3G networks on even if they are not being used. The phone consumes maximum power while using these network services. When not in use, switch off the 3G and Wi-Fi services. Trust me this will improve your battery backup by 50% atleast.
  • Controlling other wireless networks:
    Other wireless services like Bluetooth and GPS also consumes quite a lot of battery when used for a longer period of time. People tend to keep forget to deactivate the Bluetooth after use or keep the GPS on for using Google Maps or other navigation purposes. Controlling the usage of these services will also save battery so deactivate these services when not in use.
  • Vibration:
    We tend to use the vibration feature along with the ringtone as we feel that we might miss important calls if we are unable to listen to the ringtone. This is beneficial if you are in some meeting or public place where the ringtone cannot be heard clearly. But in normal places, the Galaxy S4 speakers are powerful enough to notify you about calls and messages. So you can deactivate the vibration service as well to save power.
  • Multi-tasking:
    The Galaxy S4 has a powerful processor and combined with the multi-window feature, the phone provides intense multi-tasking capabilities. But opening too many applications at the same time and allowing them to run in the background also uses up battery. It is mandatory to close the unwanted apps and keep a check on the background apps as well. Task killers can also be used for this purpose which can kill unwanted apps at regular intervals.

These are very simple, yet effective ways to save battery power and run your Galaxy S4 for a longer period of time. If you have any other tips to improve battery life, please do share them in the comments below.

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