10 ways how Samsung Galaxy S4 can beat iPhone 5

Samsung has yet again dominated the mobile market with its latest release, the Samsung Galaxy S4. And yes, the iPhone 5 has been its number one competitor. But we have done some research on both the phones and have found out how the Galaxy S4 can beat iPhone 5 and surprisingly, the S4 has around 10 such features which is lacking in its opponent. We are here to show you what those features are!

Galaxy S4 iPhone 5

1) The infrared blaster
Lately a new tech has come in town i.e. the universal remote. Operate all your wireless devices with a single remote. But what if you could convert your smartphone into such a remote? The Galaxy S4 gives you this feature. And inbuilt infrared blaster is installed in the S4 which can be used to control your TV. Also, the phone can sync data from the TV subscriber and can inform you about the latest shows and your favourites.

2) The NFC
This is a very useful feature of the Galaxy S4. The Near Field Communication is the most successful innovation of this century. Using NFC, the phone can connect to nearby wireless devices and transfer data. In other words, you can use your phone to transfer photos, use it as a credit card for payments or connect it to a music player.

3) External SD card
The iPhone has been neglecting this feature since its first variant. Galaxy S4 supports external SD card with memory upto 32GB. That is, you can now increase your phone storage by and extra 32GB.

4) Replaceable battery
This is another feature which is still lacking in iPhone. Many people are not so concerned but this is an important feature. When you do not have the chance of charging your phone, u can just replace it with another fully charged battery. You can do this with the Galaxy S4 but not with the iPhone.

5) Full HD support
The iPhone still does not have the full HD 1080p support. But you can get this with the Galaxy S4. With the full HD support and LED screen, viewing videos and photos are a great pleasure.

6) 5 inch large display
The iPhone lacks a large display. Its screen is a full inch smaller than the Galaxy S4. If you have an obsession for large screens, you know what choice to make.

7) Group Play
The iPhone lacks social support. What I mean is, there is a feature in the Galaxy S4 called Group Play which enables your phone to connect with other phones over Wi-Fi and allow you to play multiplayer games wirelessly.

8) The S4 camera app
Samsung has really put in some serious efforts in developing the camera app for the S4. It has a number of features and tweaks which makes your photo a better one. You can remove blurry objects from the image or make GIFs etc. instantly with this app. The iPhone camera app just allows you to click pictures.

9) Smart Stay
This is one of the best features of the Galaxy S4 and it makes the phone more interactive. The Smart Stay feature enables the phone to keep its display on when you are using the phone. The camera can detect the eye movement and respond accordingly. So you will not face any problems while working continuously. Also, this feature helps in saving battery.

10) USB charger
Last but not the least, the charging system. The Galaxy S4 uses a normal micro USB charger to charge and connect to PC simultaneously. This method of charging is much more user friendly as the micro USB chargers are easily available unlike the Lightning port charging system on iPhone 5.

So there you go, the 10 different ways in which the Galaxy S4 proves itself worthy as compared to the Apple iPhone. Now I believe you can make the right decision while purchasing a new phone as to which phone to go for. Do drop in your views regarding this.

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