Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and Features – Good and Bad

Finally Samsung Galaxy S4 is out. Many of the tech enthusiasts were waiting for this. Although the smartphone has new interface and software to attract users but here we have come up with the good and bad things of its specs and features. In this post, we will discover whether it is good to buy this smartphone or not, what are its pros and cons and whether it is better than other smartphones available in the market or not.

We will look one by one at its features and then will derive conclusion from that. So, let’s get started with S Translator.

S Translator

S Translator
S Translator – Translates text and speech in many languages.

This is a new feature added by the company and it is liked by most of the persons present at the launch event of the smartphone. S Translator does text to speech and vice versa translations in ten languages. Samsung will add more languages to this feature soon.

This feature is welcomed by most of the persons and is a new and good entry by Samsung.

S Voice Drive

S Voice Drive
S Voice Drive – Improved and new icons are added

This feature already exists before but this time it is improved slightly and new icons are added to make the feature more comfortable to use while driving. Voice command is also improved.

It is particularly helpful to those people that greatly rely on GPS while driving.

Smart Pause

Smart Pause
Smart Pause – Tracks eye position to pause a running video auomatically

As the name suggests, it pauses something smartly. This feature pause a running video when your eyes get away from screen. It works with the help of front camera that continuously track your eye position.

This is a new and interesting feature. When suddenly someone calls you in between when you are watching a video or you are not able to watch the video by any reason then the feature will automatically pause the video. Previously you have to pause it by your own or have to reverse it.

S Health

S Health
S Health – Keep track of your weight, blood pressure, calories intake and many more

Samsung has added many health related apps and features in this latest device. It will keep check on your blood pressure, calories intake, weight, distance run, sleeping patterns and many more.

It is a great feature for all types of people.

Eraser (Camera)

I like this feature at the most. It allows you to remove the unwanted objects from an image easily that is you can customize the background of the image.

Smart Scroll

Smart Scroll
Smart Scroll – Scrolling using eye tracking

The eye scrolling feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 is not so good according to the users. It doesn’t produce accurate results all the time and is annoying sometimes.

Overall, this feature still needs some improvement and the company must do something in this regard. The feature fits “The grass seems greener on the other side”.

Dual Shot

Dual Shot
Dual Shot – Take photo from both side of device a once

This new Samsung Galaxy S4 feature allows you to take images from both side of the device that means both the rear and front camera s will be active at the same time. According to the company this one is a good feature to add since it makes your presence in the picture. The feature will add a frame around your image that looks odd then he normal image. Now it looks like the image is edited.

Air Gesture

Air Gesture
Air Gesture – Scrolling without touching screen

This feature will allow you to navigate in your deice without touching its screen. But it seems there is no great use of this feature when you have to hover from above the device. I mean when you have to hover the screen from above then why don’t touch it rather.


Although nothing surely can be said about the Galaxy S4 right now but it seems that there are only4 to 5 features that are new in the device. Now it depends on user and the budget that whether he will like to owe this smartphone or he can manage with its equivalent like Galaxy S3, Galaxy Grand, Motorola Razr and Sony Xperia Z.

Here it ends but whenever we will get more news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs and feature, we will surely update your knowledge.

Aayushi Jain

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