Install Official Android ICS 4.0.4 Firmware on Samsung Galaxy R I9103

The users can now update latest ICS Android 4.0.4 Firmware package on Samsung Galaxy R I9103 phone very easily. The update has been officially released by Samsung and hence, it comes with all its original versatile features, even enabling the Wi-Fi usage options. The best part is that since this official, your phone will not lose its warranty due to this update. Also, if your phone is having any other custom ROM firmware in it, the same can be updated easily via the following steps, and the warranty can be reclaimed.

Requirements for successful installation of the update:

Before installing the update, make sure the following requirements are met out in order to avoid inconvenience:

  • Back up all data stored in the R I9103 device, including call log history, SMS, contact book, APN and MMS settings, so that no data is lost during the  updating.
  • DO NOT use KIES for back up, since it is not supported by ICS Android 4.0.4 Firmware and hence, one may not be able to restore the data once the Firmware has been updated on the phone device.
  • Keep the minimum battery level to 30% in order to prevent permanent damage to the phone in case it goes off the power during the installation process.
  • Lastly, ensure the USB debugging has been enabled on the phone via “Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging”.
Samsung Galaxy R I9103
Samsung Galaxy R I9103

Downloads required before initiating the update:

A few downloads prior to installation will be required on your computer, as follows:

  • XWLP2 ICS 4.0.4 Firmware Package
  • Odin

Steps to Install Android ICS Samsung Galaxy R I9103:

A few easy steps will accomplish updating the ICS Android 4.0.4 Firmware on your Galaxy R I9103 device. The steps are as follows:

-> Extract the downloaded zip files on the desktop.

-> Open ODIN on the computer.

-> To put the Galaxy R I9103 device into ‘Download’ mode, switch off the phone and press simultaneously the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ keys. If the device restarts in normal mode, switch off and try again.

-> After the device enters ‘Download’ mode, it has to be connected to the computer using the original USB cable. In ODIN, click the PDA to select tar file in the XWLP2 Firmware. The ID:COM section in ODIN has  to turn yellow in order to apply the firmware.

-> Start the installation process by clicking ‘Start’ button,

-> The Galaxy R I9103 device will go for rebooting as soon as the firmware installation is complete, and may require 4-5 minutes for the rebooting process. In case it takes more time, just be patient for the update to be successfully completed.

By chance, if the phone gets into boot loop sequence or the ‘Welcome’ screen does not move on after rebooting, re-insert the battery of the phone and retry the above steps once more.

These few simple steps will make the installation successful and using your phone, more enjoyable.

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