Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570: Installing CyanogenMod 10 JellyBean Beta

It appears to be an amazing moment for Galaxy Mini S5570 Smartphone users to get an update of latest android for their handset. It is nice to have such a low end device getting developed at a rapid speed. This handset of Samsung remains up to date with latest android, and this time with Android 4.1.1 jelly bean.  TheWhisp introduced Cyanogen Mod 10 Beta 1 for Galaxy Mini based on Jelly Bean. Google promoted release of custom ROM with release of Android 4.1.1 source code.

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Android Jelly Bean is the latest Android released by Google at Google I/O event in June this year. at the same event Google also released its Nexus 7 for price of $199. This device runs on latest android 4.1.0. Though there are not many variations in ICS and Jelly Beam but still it provides considerable improvement to the functioning of the device in terms of efficiency RAM management which elevates performance and battery life by huge amount. There are two features that add to this device – Project Butter and Google Now.

Now let’s again go back to  the topic – unofficial update of Jelly Bean for Galaxy Mini developed using CM 10 which is in Beta 1 mode. Developers have tried to perk up many features to develop a usable update but low spec devices are unable to work on this ROM. Although many of the features work right but still you may point out some bug. One can experience few breaks in Rom so it is advisable to overclock handset for swift performance.

Here is the list of working and non working features in this ROM along with small change log of latest Beta 1 from developers thread at XDA forums.

  • Not working
  1. HQ video playback
  2. Camera
  3. Deep sleep
  4. Proximity sensor
  • Working-
  1. All feature perform well except those listed above.

Note:  you may still face some problems while using some features your device.

  • Change log : Unofficial CM 10 Beta 1
  1. Fixed SIM PIN lock
  2. Fixed browser and other graphical faults
  3.  Fixed USB Storage- USB fully operational
  4. Fixed super use permission(root)
  5. Fixed updater script
  6. Fixed radio playback
  7. Comprises fixes from patch 1
  8. Re-sized stock and Cyanogen Mod wallpapers.

There are few modifications done after 23 July release. Though alpha release was quite unstable, beta 1 appears to be more stable and subsequently you will be having better performance of android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Although it is not recommended to use this ROM for day to day work till further modifications are introduced.

So now let us move to the procedure to and check out this ROM for Galaxy Mini.


  • Charge your Galaxy Mini fully.
  • First look at the screen shots given.
  • It is recommended to make a back up for your content.
  • You need to have your phone updated to Android Gingerbread v2.3 or higher.

So let’s check out the process to install CM 10 Beta 1 ROM in Galaxy mini-

Disclaimer: You should perform the process at your own risk. No one will we held responsible for any damage to your device.

Step 1: If your device is not operating on Gingerbread then do so using Odin Multi-downloader v4.38. (Upgrade of Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread)

Step 2: Now install Clock Work Mod Recovery on Galaxy MINI.

Step 3: You need to download the following files for the update

  • Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 10 ROM :
  • Google apps for Jelly Bean:

Step 4: After downloading the above files copy them to Root directory of your device’s SD card so that it is easily accessible.

Step 5: Now by pressing Home button+ Power button simultaneously reboot your device to Custom Recovery mode.

Step 6: It is recommended to perform a Nandroid back up of your Current Rom although it is an optional step.

Step 7: Now in main menu of recovery mode select Wipe Data option.

Step 8: Now confirm the wipe data option. Select yes.

Step 9: Now flash this Cyanogen Mod 10 beta 1 custom ROM android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean using Clockwork mod recovery.

  • Choose install ZIP from SD card option.
  • Select choose ZIP From SD card option.
  • Now select downloaded above.
  • Confirm installation and wait till Rom is installed.

Step 10: Slash latest Google Apps for Jelly Bean in CWM recovery.

  • Choose and install ZIP from SD card.
  • Select and choose ZIP from SD card.
    • Now select the downloaded file i.e.

Step 11: Confirm the installation and wait till the ZIP is installed in your phone.

Step 12: Now reboot your device from main menu of recovery mode.

Note- if the above Google app does not work then use

Now you have done your procedure. Your Galaxy is installed with latest android v4.1 Jelly Bean. Now enjoy your new device and features in Galaxy Mini.


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