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On June 20, 2012
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3.2 inches touchscreen and slider QWERTY keypad, accorded with all the Google services and Social Media Connectivity, 3.2MP camera with no flash and autofocus feature.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal is the latest touch and type model from Samsung with QWERTY keypad and great looks. Here is a detail study of the phone that will tell you about Samsung Galaxy Appeal specs and features:

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Body

The shape of the new Samsung Galaxy Appeal is oval with 112 x 57.7 x 14.2 dimension. It has both touch and type features with vertical slide nature. The casing of the phone is black and as its name sounds “Samsung Galaxy Appeal” the phone is appealing in design, it has attractive looks that appeal you to buy it and play with it. The most striking feature of Samsung Galaxy Appeal is that it has 3.2 inch touchscreen display and slider with QWERTY keypad.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Features

As attractive are the looks as attractive it has features. The Samsung Galaxy Appeal works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is also gifted with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface that makes it user friendly. The handset is accorded with all the Google services and Social sites which will help you to connect with Facebook, Twitter and even with Microsoft Exchange. Google services will include Gmail, Google Navigation, Google Maps and YouTube. If we look at the phone’s connectivity then Samsung Galaxy Appeal has 3G data support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal comes with 3.2MP camera which is an average range but here let me tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Appeal camera doesn’t include flash and autofocus features although it has balance settings, shooting modes and effects in it. Some of the other Samsung Galaxy Appeal features include Music Player, calendar, calculator and clock which are the common features that every other smartphone have. The thing that makes Samsung Galaxy Appeal different from others is its touch and type quality.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Competitors

The list of competitors of Samsung Galaxy Appeal include: Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Exhilarate, HTC Desire C and Sony Xperia Ion.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Display and Battery

Samsung Galaxy Appeal has 3.2 inch of capacitive touchscreen with QWERTY slider keypad. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Appeal is 1300mAh standard battery which can afford 7h talktime and 12 days as standby time. The battery life of Samsung Galaxy Appeal is decent.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Camera

Samsung Galaxy Appeal has 3.2MP camera with no flash and autofocus feature, also another worry point is its video quality which is very bad, audio part in video is worse. This is one of the negative features of the phone that makes it less useful for entertainment purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Performance

Although the looks and design of Samsung Galaxy Appeal are great but it has normal range of performance, there is a constant noise while calling using this phone. Also the handset can’t provide fast data transfer speed since it has only single core 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7225A processor. The audio sound and volume of Samsung Galaxy Appeal is pretty good.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Price

You can get Samsung Galaxy Appeal only at $149.99 which is quite better price regarding its overall features and qualities.


It all depends on for what purpose you are going to purchase the phone; Samsung Galaxy Appeal has great looks and design with 3.2inch touchscreen and slider QWERTY keypad, also the price is average for such a smartphone. If you are going to buy it for entertainment purpose then let me remind you that it has all the Google services and Social Media Connectivity but the camera is bad at use. Samsung Galaxy Appeal is a pocket friendly device.

3.2 inches touchscreen and slider QWERTY keypad, accorded with all the Google services and Social Media Connectivity, 3.2MP camera with no flash and autofocus feature.
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