Samsung Galaxy Ace: Installing CM9 based ICS Nightly Firmware

CM9 ICS custom firmware, a firmware update of Samsung galaxy Ace S5830, was just developed by a group of people considering many owners of this device all over the world. This CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Ice Cream Sandwiched (ICS) firmware was build nightly means its developers has wrote its codes after their daytime job, a kind of part time work for them.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

A genuine problem with this nightly build firm ware is this that proper records and codes of changed logs is not provided by the developers, but unlike is the case with this device.

Considering the changed logs details, the phone has now become more stable and updated with the additional features of support for themes, more custom icons available on screen and these settings are now updated without rebooting your phone.

Some basic guidelines to handle your Galaxy Ace are:

  1. To have continuous connection with your phone all over your journey, make sure that it is appreciably charged, at least 60%.
  2. Maintain a back up file of all your data as you need to restore them at bad times.
  3. For using custom ROMs on your firmware, you need to wipe all the memory places i.e. to clear main cache along with the Dalvik cache.
  4. For connecting your phone to the PC, enable your USB Debugging settings following these steps:
  • Settings then Apps then Development and then to USB Debugging.
  1. If you don’t have certified ICS firmware, disable your apps and security suites since they will cause inconvenience later.

Steps to install CM9 based ICS Nightly firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace

For updating purpose too, there are some steps to look upon:

Step 1: Firstly, download the original, official CM9 ICS with the brand name Samsung Galaxy Ace nightly firmware S5830 in your system for better results.

Step 2: Now, copy the whole package into the core directory and not into sub-directories to have access during update process too.

Step 3: Now, to continue with the update process you have to put your device into recovery mode by pressing your menu and power buttons on simultaneously. And if you are already in that mode then install and choose zip from your sd card followed by browsing in the core directory.

Step 4: Now the automatic updation process starts and is completed with the recovery mode screen where you have to reboot your system by selecting “go back” option and “reboot now”.

This completes your updating process with the final step of rebooting. If there is some inconvenience like taking longer time than normal or refusal of your device to start, then do not worry but restart your phone. If still, there is some problem with the updating process, just process the tutorial steps again.

        1. Try installing the firmware again, or install the Gingerbread update. If that also doesn’t work then contact the Samsung’s customer service center.

    1. Well, it has been confirmed that this CM9 update has one bug which is the root cause of the failure of camera. You will have to wait for the next update, hope they will make it correct.

  1. Oh really? I liked very much the visual of this firmware…Chankey which one you recommend me to install on my ace with working camera and if possible this good visual??Please send me the link do download

    1. You could try a hard reset.. which works in about 9 out of ten cases.

      But it will erase your data on the phone. You may want to download your pictures first and save your contacts to your memory card or sim card.

      After that:

      1. press the Menu key
      2. select Settings
      3. scroll to and select Privacy
      4. scroll to and select Factory Data Reset
      5. select Reset Phone
      6. select Erase Everything

      That should do the trick. if you get stuck, or have any questions let me know.

    2. If the above method doesn’t work then I would suggest to roll back to the previous stable/working version and wait for the new release. You can subscribe to our website so that you’ll get informed when the next version releases.

  2. Hi Chankey I’ve tried to do what you said but I couldn’t find the privacy menu so I went to clock world and selected erase data factory and reboot system but then the camera didn’t work as well…I’ve seen there are some beta room versions do you know if one of them have an working camera on? Which one do you recommend me to install til’ it have an uptaded version of this firmware?I really like this 4.0.4 version visual but unfortunately the camera doesn’t work and it’s a pain in the ass…What Should I Do because I don’t wanna wait ti’l only God Knows the next version comes out…

  3. hey i have updated my phone to 4.0.4 but my camera is not working…do u no that how can i fix this problem…..i liked this ics on my phone n i dont want to remove it so plzz fine out a solution and reply me fast

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