Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review: Specs, Features and Price

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On August 13, 2012
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3.8" display touchscreen without LED, dual core 800 MHz processor, Android Gingerbread which is one of the disadvantage of the phone, 5MP rear camera along with front camera for video chats. Overall the phone is a perfect choice for those who recommends performance more than design.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review

If you are willing to buy a new Samsung Smartphone and that too Samsung Galaxy S3 but does not have that much in your pocket so here’s the good news for you all, the new Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is all set to fire the market. It just has the same Samsung’s galactic magic and that too just at fraction of Galaxy S3’s price.  It is available at the affordable price money of £180 or a mid-range £240 SIM-free along with this it comes with the warranty of around 18.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 will not be a choice for  those who are design freaks as when we talk about its look so we just say you that it don’t have a stunning looks at all, its’ all bluntly designed which is a main drawback of the device. Otherwise it’s just a perfect phone for those wants powerful, handy and an affordable phone. The Ace 2 is packed with the dual core chip along with the crusty, clear display and is fitted with the decent audio on above. There is one problem with the device software keyboard as it is not at all handy for those with the big hands and fat fingers.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Smartphone

Processor and Performance:

While talking about Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 performance we would say you that it has a fantastic response time, it will not going to keep you wait for a long time to open up a single app. The Ace is packed with the Dual-core 800MHz processor and is smooth and easy working is all just because its dual core processor. And while talking about net surfing on the phone, it’s all that for downloading or just surfing the rich 3D games and Websites you need to have a little patience then as it will take some time to load but the downloading of the Light weight apps is just matter of seconds. Actually the device is performing quite well while talking about browsing as it ran JavaScript test at 2,938.4ms so we just can say lower is sometimes better.

The audio quality of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is just fantastic; the one will not face any problem while talking on phone. The phone is provided with the 4GB.internal memory and also facilitates micro SD card port. Now while talking about its battery life it’s like an average Smartphone only, so you need to charge your phone every night. Stand by time of the phone is up to 640 hours. And it’s best for 7.5 hours of talk time over 3G or up to 3 hours of video chatting.

Design Specifications:

While talking about the design of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 we would just say you that it is not at all made for those who are design junkies. It is not going to have any star while talking about its design. It’s yet following the Samsung’s custom of rounded corners with the band of scurvy silver trim. And if you look at it from you will see that it looks alike Apple’s iPhone 3GS. The thickness of the phone is just about 10.5 mm which makes it look less classy. Though at first look it looks very bulky plasticky handset but when you take it on your hand you feel no weight as it is just 122g in weight. But it is fatter than the Galaxy S2 but, on hand it is not that much bulky than it looks.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Features:

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is built with the bright and clear 3.8 inch display with the resolution of 400 x 800 pixels but this time the display is not made of LED screen. Due to its high pixel resolution the icons and the text on the screen looks quite brittle. At the base of the touchscreen display the phone is provided with the big sized home button along with the menu and back button at the sides and when you tap on them it lights up. The other physical keys of the phone are Power key at the right hand side and a volume rocker key on the left hand side and both the keys are quite receptive.

The Galaxy Ace 2 is provided with many external ports like 3.5mm headphone on the top of the phone, micro SD card slot on the left side, micro USB port on the bottom for charging and connecting it to PC to transfer the files and at the back there is SIM card slot, a removable 1,500 mAh battery.

Android Software and Apps:

The Galaxy Ace 2 runs on the Android’s Gingerbread version operating system which provides you to access Google’s Play store from where you can download thousands of free apps and increase the usefulness of your phone other than those that are already preinstalled on the phone. The only drawback of the handset is that it’s not running on the any of the newer version of the Android like ICS or Jelly Bean though it’s being launched much after the release of Jelly Bean and ICS Android. But if you are not the person who cares much about the Android version, so we say you that Gingerbread is very decent OS which provides you bounty of apps and frosty web browsing though it’s not as good as the latest versions of android but the handset is still performing quite well with Gingerbread too.

Like other Galaxy phones the Ace 2 is also provided with the software which is actually an Interface called as Touchwiz. It actually provides around seven home screens to trick out with the different apps and widgets. The tap on the ‘applications’ icon give you view of all the apps on the phone. The Ace 2 is pre-installed with the Samsung’s music Hub and Social Hub on which you can buy tunes and also view and receive messages from social networks. The keyboard software of the handset is quite confined and also the prognostic text function of the device is also not good. The device is also provided with the Swype option which helps you to just drag the fingers around to make words. The device also has more bad feature which the Prediction switch, when the switch is put on while writing any text or E-mail, the screen jumps up and down again and again as the words that are predict come and go again and again, you can also switch off the prediction switch that will just stops screen jump off but make your text type prone.

Camera Specifications:

The Ace 2 has a 5MP back camera which is clustered with the LED flash. Along with the back camera the handset provides the front camera for video chats. The camera is not provided with any physical key on it so you just need to touch the virtual shutter to click photos. The camera of the device is bit slower, once you click the shutter, it takes around 2 minutes to respond to click.  So the only good camera feature is that quality of the clicked photo as well the recorded video is good.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a perfect for those who have £200 in their pockets to buy up a new phone and even those can also buy who are not the design freaks. Over all we can say that the handset is not so good look wise but when we rate it on the basis of the performance it is a solid performer.

3.8" display touchscreen without LED, dual core 800 MHz processor, Android Gingerbread which is one of the disadvantage of the phone, 5MP rear camera along with front camera for video chats. Overall the phone is a perfect choice for those who recommends performance more than design.
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