Rumor – Apple will launch iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S soon

iPhone 6 Concept Image
iPhone 6 Concept Image

Since the time, Apple has filed a patent for iPhone 6, rumors are gaining traction regarding the launch of new iPhone with new and advanced features. Rumors are that the iPhone could be named either iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Looking at the series of launches done by Apple in the past, it is speculated that if the new iPhone is launched by the tag name iPhone 5S, then it will bear the same design as iPhone 5 with internal changes whereas if the mobile is tagged as iPhone 6,then the phone will have a completely new design. But certainly, nothing is clear till now. Though users have great expectation with the next mobile phone of Apple and expects following features to be a part of new Apple iPhone.

  • The new iPhone I speculated to consist of a new technology Sharp IGZO or Sharp indium Gallium Zinc oxide screen which consumes less power and is comparatively thinner
  • In terms of storage capacity, till now Apple has launched a maximum of 32 GB mobile phone. Users are expecting the new mobile launch to consist of 128 GB
  • Though the 128 GB rumor might turn true with the launch of 128 GB iPad 4 which proves Apple capability of installing a mobile phone with the same storage capacity
  • The new iPhone can have the feature of NFC which allows users to store cards, tickets an coupons
  • Apple might introduce a new mode of user interaction with the mobile in iPhone 6
  • Apple could introduce a secondary set of smart illumination display indicators that will convert into various controls for work and gaming
  • Users expect a new and upgraded processor in the new Apple phone. Currently iphoen5 has a dual core A6 processor
  • The price of the new mobile phone of Apple will remain somewhat the same as the recently launched Apple iPhone price placing the 128 GB version of the new Apple phone at 699 pounds.

The next mobile phone of Apple is expected to get released in the spring of 2013 somewhere in May or June.


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