Guide To Root Sony Xperia J and Install ClockWorkMod Recovery

Are you a Xperia J owner? Are you bored with your phone’s performance and expect more from your phone? Well, then you should root your phone as soon as possible. For newbies, rooting is way of unlocking your phone so that you get the full control over it. After rooting, new features will be unlocked in your phone. You will be able to installed custom made ROMs in your phone like the Cyanogen Mods, Slim Bean ROMS, AOSP ROMs etc. Also, various apps like Titanium Backup pro, SuperUser etc. can be installed. But yes, rooting will void the warranty of your phone. So if you are ready to take the risk, let us get on with the rooting process.

Points to keep in mind before rooting:

  • Backup all the data in your phone in the PC manually.
  • Enable USB debugging mode in your phone.
  • Your phone should be fully charged before you attempt to root it.
  • Rooting voids warranty.
  • The Sony Xperia USB drivers for your phone should be installed in your PC.
  • This tutorial is only applicable for rooting Xperia J handsets. Do not try it for any other device.

Sony Xperia J smartphone

Download links:

Steps To Root Sony Xperia J and Install ClockWorkMod Recovery –

  • Click on the above links and download both the packages. Extract them separately in respective folders.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable and wait for it to get connected.
  • Now head over to the folder where you have extracted the Root package. Run the Runme.bat file. Follow the onscreen instructions and after it finishes, your phone will be rooted.
  • Once the rooting is complete, you have to install the ClockworkMod recovery. Head over to the folder where you have extracted the ClockworkMod package.
  • You will find another Runme.bat file here. Run it and the ClockworkMod recovery will get installed.
  • When you are finished, reboot your phone and disconnect it from the PC.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Sony Xperia J and even installed the ClockworkMod recovery mode. You will be able to install new ROMs now so head over to the XDA developers website and get some cool ROMs for your phone. If you have any queries regarding the rooting process then do mention it in your comments below.

      1. yes KINGO ROOT is the best software for rooting almost any kind of devices. It even rooted my friend’s NokiaX(fake android BTW).

    1. i had a similar issue, and i couldnt find answer any where. here,s what you should do.
      1. get the latest *.ftf file (stock Rom) for your mobile.
      2. download and install flashtool.
      3. go to c:/flashtool/drivers and install the driver installation package.
      4. place the *ftf file in c:/flashtool/firmwares
      5. remove the battery from your phone and reconnect after 5 sec.
      6. hold the volume down key and plug the usb . you are now in flashboot mode.
      7. open flashtool and click on the lightning button. enter in flashboot mode.
      8. install the *ftf downloaded in step and flash it.
      9. let it complete. after completing unplug and you are good to go.
      if however it shows the the phone is in usb debugging mode, click on the help in flashtool and click log level as debug. repeat step 8.

  1. I tried but doesn’t happened. It says it is successful but I din’t get rooted access. And the no rooting files are installed. Please help me what should I do?

  2. Nice, the CWM Part has soft-bricked my phone! Thank you very much anshu for your instruction to flash a firmware image, it had saved my ass. Looks like I need to find another way to install CWM.

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