Reasons for Why You Should not Buy Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 being the most hyped mobile in the market has been a big disappointment. It is no doubt it is a great gadget to have but it is still being considered a heart break for its lovers who were eagerly waiting for its release. Here are some reasons for why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

Unreasonable Price

Galaxy S3 had a lot of competition to face from Apple’s veteran iPhone 4 who has already proved its worth to its users and the much awaited iPhone 5 which is considered that will beat all other smartphones in its range. iPhone 4 has more features and iPhone 5 has more hype. The only way to beat them was with the price factor which is specially very fruitful for the Indian market but Galaxy S3 has failed in doing so with a price of $600.


Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8” Screen which seems to be good but fails to provide proper flair and to worsen the status its plastic body fails to give you an expensive feel with 3.4” thickness.


For those who give priority to cameras this phone will be a disappointment as it only offers an 8MP camera, while its competitors like Nokia Pureview provides 40MP camera with low price range.

Disappointing S Voice Feature

Once which was considered as the biggest asset of the smartphone, its S Voice, is now its biggest backdrop. S Voice feature enables you to operate on tasks with voice control, in other words it is your virtual assistant but the feature is not so successful as far.

Alternatives Available

Samsung has won the timely battle over the brands like Nokia, HTC, Sony and many other but doesn’t show its status here. Samsung Galaxy S3 which claims to have the most extraordinary features still lack way behind its competitors like iPhone 4S. The only way of competing with the iPhone 4 was to sell it at a lower price.

Another Option: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

One of the options for a potential buyer is to wait for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is just about to be launched in October. The price of Galaxy Note 2 is expected to be around $700 which is little higher than the Samsung galaxy S3 and will also be providing more features including the attractive unbreakable display.

Own House Competition

Samsung galaxy S3 is facing competition in his own house. The Galaxy S2 provides almost the same features at a price difference of $150! This fact alone is enough to shatter the S3 market.

The above mentioned are the biggest drawbacks of Samsung galaxy S3. So, consider all of them while purchasing the smartphone, search for all other available options too and choose wisely among them according to your need and pocket as well.

Aayushi Jain

Aayushi is the senior tech news reporter of Techno Stall. Most of the time, you'll find her searching for the latest and hottest gadgets. She's a computer science graduate, currently working for TCS, kind of a geeky girl. Follow her on Google+.

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