Project Ray and Qualcomm are making an android smartphone for blind people

A technological invention in the field of mobile phones meant for blind people is in process. The project is a joint collaboration of Qualcomm and Project Ray Firm team backed by team of telecom experts. The smartphone is powered by an “off the shelf” snapdragon processor and Android operating system.

Ray smartphone by Qualcomm
Ray smartphone by Qualcomm

A conscious effort towards designing a smartphone for visually impaired people stems out from the market analysis which has revealed a highly untapped and potential market of blind people across the world which is in the need of a device with multifunctional capabilities. This smartphone imbibes in itself a variety of applications with an ease of access to phone calls, text messages with a vocal read out feature, social networking, navigation, object recognition, audio book reading. An important feature of the smartphone will be its ability to adjust its usage pattern as per users preferences by clicking anywhere on the screen. With frequent usage, the finger gestures of the blind will become the navigation tool for the smartphone and the haptic feedback and voice alerts will correct their actions on the smartphone.

This invention will rule out the need of single devices meant for different purposes by the visually impaired and will help them in to access a large pool of content and navigate with ease. The team of experts has currently launched a pilot study done on 100 visually impaired candidates with the help of Israel’s Central Library for the Blind, wherein the entire library feed is accessible on the smartphone through vocal readout feature to the blind. The pricing of the smartphone has not been finalized yet but with an aim to cater to a wide population of visually impaired for commercial usage; we expect an economical price range to prevail giving way to a new way of communication for the visually impaired fraternity across the globe.

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