Procedure to update Motorola Defy with Pikachu Custom ROM Firmware

Smartphone need to be updated. Users of Motorola defy Smartphone are lucky enough to get a new custom ROM firmware updater though not official but effective with many features. Since, it is not developed by the owned company, it has many defects like in torch based screen and so, but the users have no option as there is not any information when the official Android 4.0 firmware will be available.

Basic information for the updating: To complete our aim of updating, our device must be rooted as this firmware only works on the Rooted Firmware. This can be confirmed using the app called “Root Checker” which is available on play store and can be downloaded from it. Also, when our device is rooted the warranty of the device is lost which can be taken back by using it with any official firmware. Also, if you need to know about the present version on which the firmware is working, you can get this by using “about phone” section of your phone.

Before updating, must check that there must have 60% battery in your phone so complete our task without any hindrance. Also check, that all your security apps are disabled and the USB debugging mode is enabled so that no type of interference is experienced during the process.

So this was the basic information you must know before starting the process. Now, let me give you a brief introduction about the custom firmware by letting you know about its features. These are:

  • It has a Wifi Power Save mode with different types of Wifi and GPS settings.
  • It has Goggle supported apps like Goggle Play Music and Goggle Play Store up to date and some updated apps like Goggle maps, market and music.
  • It is based on the 2.4.20 version, Custom Recovery, Extended Settings Mod 2.3.2.
  • It has a 3-D gallery with the CM7camera support and with some sound features like no camera sound or extra sound files.
  • It also has some extra booting features like 4 way boot mod and second boot settings.
  • It has been supported with Aroma Installer Mit touch support,Batterysupport, V6 Super Charger Script Support.
  • It has CPU features like: DroidX CPU governors.

Now, to apply the updating process, first we have to ensure our data is secured. For this, we have to maintain a back-up of our data manually which can be done as:

  • For SMS: you can go to “SMS backup and Restore app”.
  • For contacts: you can create a backup by synchronising it with the Gmail.
  • For calls logs: use “call log and restore” app.
  • For images, videos, music files, songs: these can be copied to the external or internal memory storages like SD card.
  • For others like MMS and APN settings: go to “applications then settings then wireless and network to mobile networks and finally to Access Point Names” for creating the backup.

Now we are done with all the formalities, lets start with the process of final updating. There are the steps.

Steps to update Motorola Defy with Pikachu Custom ROM Firmware

Step 1: First step is to download the Pikachu custom ROM firmware into your computer and then connect your device with the computer.

Step 2: Second step includes entrance in the recovery mode which is done when the device is already in off mode and then pressing volume down button with power button ON.

Step 3: Now, as the device is in recovery mode you can apply the installation process which can be achieved by going through the path “ install zip from SD card then choose zip from SD card then Pikachu custom ROM firmware Zip package to ok” to complete the process.

Step 4: Since now all the procedure is completed, the device is now rebooted to see the effects of the updation.

There are some noteworthy points for this process:

1) Since the updating firmware is not official therefore it may have some adverse effects on your device for which we are not held responsible.

2) If you experience your device in the boot loop mode during this updating process then you have to re-insert your battery and then apply the above process again to have a successful installation.

3) Just in case, if the updation is not successful, re-apply the steps to get the desired effects.

If you face any kind of difficulty at any point you are welcomed to take our help with your valuable comments and your queries will be hopefully solved.

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