Procedure to update HTC Sensation with 3.32.401.5 ICS 4.0 official firmware

The ICS Android 4.0 official update is now available at global level and you can install it in your HTC Sensation very easily. The update being an OTA release will not change the warranty of the device. You can follow the given procedure to update you HTC sensation with ICS Android 4.0 official update, but first go through pre-requisites:

HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation


  1. 3.32.401.5 ICS 4.0 update only support the devices on stock firmware. If a device runs on Custom ROM firmware, then it must be rolled back to stock.
  2. To recover from the loss of any data during installation, create back up of your data. All the SMSs can be backed up using “SMS Backup and Restore Application”. For the Contacts, synchronize with Gmail application. To back up Call Logs, one can use “Call Log & Rescue”. Files like Images, Songs, Videos and others can be copied to external/internal SD card. Lastly, MMS and APN settingscan be backed up following in order –
    1. Applications
    2. Settings
    3. Wireless & network
    4. Mobile networks
    5. Access point names.
  3. More than 60% battery charge must be present.

Note: If you are using custom ROM Firmware, you must use 1.50.401.1 RUU to go to stock but the device must be left switched off. And before you start, you will have to set the phone to HTC__001 if you are using RUU from some other build.

Procedure for Updating HTC Sensation with 3.32.401.5 ICS 4.0 Firmware:

  • Download 3.32.401.5 OTA file from official portal of HTC. Don’t rename the file. Copy the same file to root of the SD card in your HTC phone by connecting it to the computer.
  • Next, press Volume Down key and Power key together. If you don’t see HBOOT menu, you must turn off fast boot in Settings -> Power.
  • Choose “Recovery” from menu in recovery mode and tap “Stock Recovery”. If Clock Work Mod (CWM) recovery boots up, then you have to select 1.50.401.1 RUU and flash it.
  • Now wait till screen goes red. Then press Volume UP and Power button, a message will appear stating “can’t open cache/recovery/command” then go to recovery menu and select “apply update from SD card” and select the previously saved OTA Zip file. It may take 5-6 minutes to complete the process of update.

Your HTC Sensation is now updated with 3.32.401.5 ICS 4.0 Firmware.

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