Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 to Firmware XXLD1

Now you can root your Samsung Galaxy S Advanced i9070 to XXLD1 firmware, which will be highly beneficial to all Samsung users. Also, you can now run custom ROMs over it as well as you can install many applications which acquire the root access. Here is a good news, for all Android users, rooting serves as tantamount to break the device to make it perform healthier. In another way, it is posing to be multipurpose as well as handy to use. Now, your device can perform anything you want to throw over. Beware, because versatility may sometimes open a way to vulnerability. Therefore, many manufacturers didn’t release their devices with an open root access. Also note that, once you root your device, its warranty will get void. Hence, this is one for those who are ready to take risks for betterment of their device. If you are one of them, then go for it!!

Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070


Before you proceed to root your Samsung Galaxy Advance i9070, first take a while to handle a few important things, to keep your data safe. –

  • (Optional) However, it is not necessary to take a backup of the data of your Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone, but for the sake of safety you can opt for it following the instructions:

1. For SMS- Make use of “SMS Backup & restore app”

2. For Contacts- Sync with the “Gmail app”.

3. For call log- Call log and restore.

  1. For Videos, Songs and files- Copy them to external/internal SD Card.
  2. For MMS and APN Settings- Copy them manually via “Applications> Settings > Wireless and Network> mobile Networks >Access Point Names”.
  • A minimum charge of 60% should be there to facilitate complete firmware update and it must not turn off in due course of the process and you might not run out of power.
  • To avoid any interrupt in your firmware update, please disable and uninstall all your antivirus suits from your PC.
  • Follow the path “Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging” to enable USB Debugging in your Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070. The option of USB Debugging should be ticked.

Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Once you have done with that, follow the following instructions carefully:

  1. Do download the rooting package, and then save it in your PC. After that, take it to a directory where you can have access into. There must be 4 files, within the package, one of them being Odin. (Edit: updated link)
  2. Run that Odin application on your PC, then switch off your Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 to make it ready for the rooting process.
  3. Keep your phone in downloading mode by long pressing the volume down, centre key and power buttons simultaneously. Then you will notice a green Android robot on your screen, it is a signal of you being in downloading mode. In case, you are unable to do so, turn your phone off to repeat the step again.
  4. Now that you are in download mode, connect the device to your PC.
  5. Once you have connected your device to your PC, ensure that ID; COM section in Odin becomes yellow. But do Install all the required drivers and follow the path “Settings => Wireless & Network=> USB Settings”, then tick on Samsung KIES.
  6. Now that ID; COM has turned yellow on your Odin UI, click to the PIT button, then select GT.
  7. Once you have selected those files; click to START to start the rooting process. Once it is done, disconnect your phone from your PC and switch it off. Also, close Odin app from your computer.
  8. Again boot your device into download mode by following 3rd point above. Also, run Odin again and connect your device to PC. Once again, the ID; COM section is required to turn yellow.
  9. Click to PIT button, and select GT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G_20111220_KL6.pit, and then click to PDA key, then select xxld1.tar.md5.
  10. After selecting these files, click to START button to enable continuity of your rooting process of your device. After being done with that, the device will automatically reboot normally. When homescreen is displayed, disconnect your device form the PC and your device is rooted successfully. Now that your device is rooted, you have to install Superuser or SuperSU application from Google Play Store to hold a control over who can have an access to root.



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