Procedure to install ICS Neat Custom ROM Firmware in Galaxy S2 GT I9100

There is good news for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT customers as now the phone can be updated with the newest version of Neat ROM custom ROM firmware which with the ICS Android 4.0 gives the most desiring features and performance. So basically it is more modified Custom ROM firmware which looks alike Stock or Default ROM which comes along with more personalized features and additional supporting apps. This is actually based on the UHLPS ICS Android 4.0.3 firmware. As this is a custom ROM firmware there might be some short comings you might face but future releases are expected to be more enhanced. We have also jotted down the list of the features that supports the firmware.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Neat ROM
Samsung Galaxy S2 Neat ROM

Supported features of Neat Custom ROM Firmware

  • Percentage Battery
  • Great Battery life
  • Dialer with Contacts
  • Speed and response much more faster and easier
  • Faster read / write the SD card
  • USB mass storage by default
  • Init.d support
  • Init.d tweaks
  • Build.prop Tweaks
  • Ex-Tweaks
  • Updated Gmail to v4.0.5
  • Updated YouTube to v4.0.8E
  • Updated Google Maps to v6.9.0
  • Updated Street to v1.8.1
  • Fixed Email bug
  • Faster GPS FIX
  • TW launcher – Infinite scrolling
  • Auto-Zipalign apps on boot
  • Roboto font

We suggest you to backup all the data and contents of the device as it may get corrupted or lost while updating the firmware and keep the record of the files in the PC. Also check the battery level of the device as it should be at least 50% else it may get switch off during the process.

Before starting the installation process it is compulsory that you need to root the device first and once the device is rooted, its warranty is lost. And to reclaim the warranty you need update any stock ROM firmware in Galaxy S2 GT19100.

After following all the above mentioned instructions further follow the guide lines given below for updating the Galaxy S2 GT19100 with the Neat custom Rom Firmware.

Procedure to update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with ICS Neat Custom ROM Firmware

  • Firstly to update the device with the firmware download the Neat ROM Firmware Package in the computer and once you finish downloading now you need to place that downloaded file in the phone itself for that you need to connect it with your PC with the USB cable.
  • After you have placed the file in the phone, just disconnect it and make it enter to recovery mode by switching it off.
  • Now after switching it off to enter in to recovery mode, next you need to press the Volume Up button simultaneously with the Home button that is the middle button and while pressing these turn ON the device with the Power button.
  • Once you enter into the recovery mode then choose Wipe data or factory reset and also choose Wipe Cache partition and then press the volume rocker keys to select the reboot system to reboot the device. Now you also need to select the Advanced Option to clear the “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.
  • Now to apply the firmware in the device select “install Zip from SD card” then “select the zip from the SD card” and then choose the “Neat Custom ROM firmware Package” which is already placed in the device in the starting of the process. And this will take just 4-5 minutes. And once all this is done that you come back too recovery mode screen only.
  • Now on home screen of recovery mode select”++++ Go Back++++” with the Volume rocker keys to land back to normal mode.

Further all the process is completed now to assure that the updating process is done correctly follow the path start from ‘Settings’ option then select the ‘About Phone’ option where you will be shown the updated firmware as . UHLPS Neat ROM Full” in the form of Build number field.

Note:- If any time device gets in boot loop mode then you need to again follow the instructions from the starting again to update the Neat Custom ROM firmware in your device.

Congratulations, applying the above mention instructions you will successfully be able to update the Galaxy S2 GT19100 with the Neat custom Rom Firmware.

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