How to create personal profiles in web browsers – IE, Chrome, Firefox

There is a very interesting feature in every browser these days. Many of us are unaware of this feature and do not use it regularly. Yes, the profiles feature in the browsers. The common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. have this inbuilt feature of allowing users to create individual profiles which can be used to store individual data like bookmarks, settings, add-ons, settings etc. The best feature of these individual profiles is that no one will be able to access your data and this makes your browsing much more secure.

Creating profiles in Google Chrome

Google chrome has dominated the browser market by its simplicity and fast performance. Here, we are going to describe how you can create multiple profiles in Chrome.

  • Open the Chrome settings by going to the top left icon and click on Settings.
  • In the settings page, you will see a button named “Add new user” under the heading “Users”. Click on it.

    Add new user in Chrome
    Add new user in Chrome
  • You will be asked to choose an icon and a profile name. Enter the details and a new window will open. You can import all the important data into this profile as well from the option provided.

Creating profiles in Mozilla Firefox

Creating multiple profiles in Firefox is a bit complex since it is not visible in the browser itself. Follow the following steps:

  • Click on Start and type “firefox.exe –p”.
    For 64 bit windows type in:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –p
    For 32 bit windows type in:
    “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –p

    Create Profile in Firefox
    Create Profile in Firefox
  • You will open the Firefox Profile manager. Now click on “Create profile” to create your own profile. You will be prompted each time at startup which profile you wish to use. You can disable this feature by checking the “Don’t ask at startup” option.  Keep in mind that Firefox supports only a single profile so if you wish to run different profiles then run firefox by typing  “firefox.exe –p -no-remote” in the Start menu. You can also add a shortcut of this so that you do not have to type the same every time.

Creating profiles in Internet Explorer

New Session in IE
New Session in IE

Internet explorer does not have this feature of profiles directly. But it has a similar feature called the Sessions feature. If you wish to browse independently then go to File>> New Session. A new window will open where you can browse and have similar experiences like that of the profiles. The new window will have its own cookies and hence you can login into the same site with two different accounts.

Try out the profile systems in these browsers and enjoy a new surfing experience. Do let us know your views regarding this in the comments section.

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