How to use Optimize Drives (Disk Defragment) to speed up Windows 8 PC

System performance slows down as time pass by. Disk fragmentation is no new feature to windows which is now commonly results in slow and poor performance of the computer. The reason behind this  is. unnecessary files and unwanted memory which can either be re-updated or removed are not properly trashed which makes the hard-disk loaded with so much of waste hence making the system to work like a turtle which is obviously very nagging to wait for the system to respond slowly.


To speed-up your system earlier there were defragmentation or any utility software to remove unwanted files and now we have OPTIMIZE DRIVERS.

Tutorial for the new method to clean up your disk:

Optimize drives are introduced just to boost the system performance and its speed. Just download the optimize drive once then see its awesome results with your processing speed along with trimming the SSD’s.

Optimize Drives Windows 8

Steps to be followed:

  1. Press Windows+C and search charm bar and open it.
  2. type Defragmentation in search option and hit enter.
  3. Now you see a defragment option and optimize you drivers which will open optimize drives wizard.
  4. you see a list of the drives that can be optimized means you can only optimize few drives not all, so to check them you need check the current status section, then move forward.
  5. Now you need to set a particular time period in which you want your optimize drivers to update automatically, Click on change settings for them and schedule it according to you.
  6. Click on Analyze option to ensure if the disk need any optimization, after it is done check the status if drivers need to be optimized or not which you will come to know if the status displays more than 10%, you should go for optimization.
  7. Click on Optimize button, it may be followed with some password so type it and then the process will start itself. Timing will be based on the disk size and space of memory, it may even take few minutes or hours.
  8. After refragmentation is completed, restart your computer.

Note: There is a possibility that you may not find optimize drive  wizard so for that run the chkdsk to find out the fault or the drive you have can be a faulty one.

Disclaimer: The procedure is just to boost the system performance so it wont harm your system just follow the above steps carefully.  And you should always have the back-up data which you can take using advance Google drive, sky Drive etc.

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