Moto G – 10 tips that will make it better

Motorola Moto G is a budget friendly device with the best specs and features in it like quad core processor, HD screen and Android 4.3 OS. Here are some tips that will help your device to work better.

Moto G security

Security of any device is a main concern. Although Moto G is a cheap device but still you don’t want to lose it. It has its own “Device ID” system which will allow you in finding the phone if you misplace it. You will need a Google account for this or you can go directly to “Settings -> Motorola Device ID”.

Add widget to lock screen

Android 4.3 provides you with the facility of keeping your widgets on lock screen as well. It will help you to open them even if your deviceis locked. For adding widgets to lock screen, slide left to right and tap to “+” and add widgets of your choice.

Moto G
Moto G

Take a screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of the display screen of your device, just press Power + Volume Down keys together. The screenshot will automatically get saved in your gallery in “Screenshots” folder.

Transfer data from old Android

Earlier you have to move your old Android data to cloud but Moto G provides a handy “Migrate” feature that will make this work easier for you. Just install the app on your exisiting device and transfer the data easily.

Automatically upload to cloud

Upload your images and videos to cloud using your Moto G. When you sign in into Dropbox or Google+ with your device, they will ask you to enble this feature on your device.

Customise app tray

The homescreen of the device has many apps at the bottom. These are shortcuts for the apps and will launch the app directly. It has some set of apps by default but you can change it according to your choice.Put those apps here that you use frequently. Hold your finger on the icon you want to remove with new one but you can’t remove middle one.

Turn it into interpreter

If you are a frequent traveller then you might have got problems regarding language but it will not happen any more. Your Moto G comes with latest version of Google Translate pre-installed in it, thus you can translate your words in the other laungae easily.

Multiple images

Moto G has multi-shot mode in it that will allow you to take multiple pictures one after the other. Just tap on the screen and the camera will take photos one after the other until you remove the finger.

Control phone’s ringer

The smartphone has Assist app that can be used to tell your device when you would like to disable your ringer. The app will sort all the meetings that you have stored in your calender and it will make your device silent during the time. You can use it to make your device silent during your sleep.

Open camera directly

It is annoying when you want to click a photo and you have to unlock the screen using the correct pattern or pin. But now you can open your camera directly from the ock screen. Just swipe right to left and camera is there but you won’t be able to see gallery until you unlock the device.

So these are the tips that will make your Moto G better. Try them and have fun with your device.

Aayushi Jain

Aayushi is the senior tech news reporter of Techno Stall. Most of the time, you'll find her searching for the latest and hottest gadgets. She's a computer science graduate, currently working for TCS, kind of a geeky girl. Follow her on Google+.

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