Most awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 review

Rumors were going on about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone and since it has been released in London this week, we have come up with Samsung Galaxy S3 review. Have a look!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review in one shot

Specs of the handset includes 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen with 720p resolution, 8mp camera, quad core Exynos processor, connectivity with HSPA+, removable battery of 2100mAh and the most attractive part is the operating system that is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is available in two colors blue and white.

While Samsung Galaxy S3 is a global version, Samsung has decided to launch an LTE version for US.


720p display with 4.8 inch of display makes it look beautiful, images are sharp and fonts are crisp and if we talk about colors then they are very attracting. It uses PenTile that is two subpixels in one pixel display.

Galaxy S3 display

Although the screen of the phone is big but is made in such a way that it makes a person feel comfortable with the phone in hand, if we compare it with Samsung Galaxy S2 then it is somewhat larger and thicker from it (0.6 ounce heavier).

Battery power

It has removable battery of 2100mAh with three types of storage capacities that are 16GB, 32GB which are available at present and 64GB that will be available later and it doesn’t end here but it has an additional slot for microSD card that supports up to 64GB of storage. It serves 1GB RAM for currently running application.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

Camera features

Both Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 have 8mp camera. Samsung made its effort more in the part by making zero shutter lag feature in it which it learnt from Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it took some more inspiration in the same regard and made ‘select your best shot’ feature in the phone which gives option to select the best shot from many instances of the captured photo. The best picture will be based on many factors with main part of smile detection and facial recognition in it.

Another feature is that you can take a picture while making a video; other camera features include contact tagging, automatic photo grouping and many more. It has a 2mp front camera with face detection feature.

Some other good features

Samsung Galaxy S3 has TouchWiz user interface with new function of ‘Pop up Play’ which will enable you to watch a video while doing some other things like surfing or messaging. S beam that is Android beam which is an NFC based feature also beefed up and now you can transfer large data using Wi-Fi Direct with speed to 300Mbps.

S voice Samsung Galaxy S3
S voice that is voice control feature is also there and you can awake your phone using it. Samsung make it a part of Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock feature which will see your face and can hear your voice before you unlock your phone.

Dropbox for Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 will also give you free 50GB Dropbox account for 2 year. The phone also has Flipboard for Android which is a port to get the popular news reading app.

Negative features

Although the phone is fabulous but there are some drawbacks of it like it doesn’t have micro-oxidized ceramic rear but the same plastic body which doesn’t give a good grip and thus doesn’t seem to be durable.
Samsung Galaxy S3 home
Samsung went with physical button for Home instead of a software button that may disappoint you. Also at the left side where should be the Back key, there is Menu Key which may make you to feel uncomfortable.


Samsung is a growing industry in the mobiles field and is doing their job at the best and Samsung Galaxy S3 will add to their success. You may get disappointed by the plastic build but the enhanced software and hardware will make you to buy it, it may prove to be the best handset of the year.

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