How to manage Windows 8 Libraries using Librarian 3.0

As we all know managing windows 8 features is not an easy task, many users seems to be upset sometimes when it comes manage your windows or it features your way. To manage windows 8 Library, there is a Librarian introduced by WinAero( popularly known for making interesting softwares).

Earlier we have a quite successful feature “AeroRainbow” for windows 8 to change the window colour. Librarian is another wonderful feature for those who works on library, its earlier version were v1.0.1, v2.0 and now we have v3.0 for windows 8.

This app will let users to have a full control over Libraries like you can create new, modifying, renaming, deleting, changing its icon outlook, and many more work.

Special Features:

  • change icon outlook and name.
  • compatibility with windows 8.
  • change any folder present inside the library with new folders if you want.
  • change its navigation option.
  • Change its default location.

Librarian for Win8

Steps to use Librarian:

  • Create a new library- click on the star icon present on the main interface.
  • Name it and press OK.
  • Default icon doesn’t impress you then change its outlook to a totally different attractive way just by selecting any icon out of given ones, you like your libraries to be represented, go to browse button and select any of the icon from the ions folder.
  • You can even give a name to the type of library you want to have from the given “drop down menu”, select the library type from this for the easy access of folder.
  • To make any change to the existing library, hit the right click button on the targeted folder in the WinAero Librarian.
  • Same way you can do other functions as well like making new folder, renaming the existing one, deleting it etc.

User can manage libraries very effectively just the default libraries that comes with the operating system can not be changed, modified, or deleted. you can just change their name or type.

Windows 8 is not even that tough to handle if a user is friendly with all its features  and functions, and even who get problem in managing them just follow our tutorials or type your questions or any queries below in the comment box.

This portable app Compatibility- Windows 7 and v3.0 for windows 8.

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