List of Top 5 Reverse Image Search Engines

You must have used many search engines to search images by keywords. There is another way too to search images online – using images. You can use image to search similar images, this is called reverse image searching or backward image searching. This is particularly helpful when you have an image and want to know where the image has been used. For example, if you have copyrights of an image then you can use these reverse image search engines to find where your image is reproduced. Or you can use it to find photos on social media sites like Facebook.

Following is the list of top 5 best reverse image search engines that will help you to search images using image.

List of Top 5 Best Reverse Search Engines

Google Image Search

You must be already aware of Google Image Search. It provides you the feature to use image to search similar images. You can select color, resolution and size to refine your search.


This is second best reverse image search engine after Google Image search. It has a vast collection of images and very simple UI. You can select the source, size and resolution of image.


Gazpopa has a drawing tool that will allow you to draw an image. It will then use it to search similar images while taking care of the design and texture.


This is an old searching tool that can be used for reverse image searching. It will also let you to select the shape, size and colors of the image.

Multi Service Image Search

This is a basic tool to search images. This is an old one so the user interface is not so good but you will get fine results with it. It supports jpg, gif and png formats only.

So these are the best search engines to search images using an image. There are many other options too like IM2GPS, ImgSeek, Byo, SnapTell, Idee, etc.

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