List of Best Android Apps of this week

The ratings of android apps vary almost every week. The one which is popular today may be not on the top 10 list the other day. These ranks are based on the reviews by people. The list of some best Android Apps of this week is given below.

Apps of the week

1. Omega StatusBar

This Application by Android Rookies offers a completely customized status bar. One can replace the status bar and add a completely new and well-organized status bar. It even offers Free themes which allows us to use Jellybean Status bar. Free themes can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Due to all these features, this app is installed daily in many devices. But some of the users have discussed about problems with particular models, so read the reviews for your particular device before installing. Anyways, the app deserves to be at the first place due all these features and high likeness by the users.

2. One Single Life

This is the game which is at the top this week. This game is the most liked game and highly popular. The name says it all that you have only one life to jump from one building to the other. You can have infinite lives on the game with a fee of $1.99 but that would take away all the fun of this game.

3. Prince of Persia Classic

The classic game by the same name was very popular and people all over the world were a fan of this game. To rejoice them, Ubisoft Entertainment released this game again. There is premium version of the game worth $2.99. Also, there is a freemuim version (trial version).

4. Transparent Clock and Weather

This widget, though simple, customizes the weather forecast and the clock appearance. It offers you to select the size from 3 different options. It also allows you to add the current city, temperature, time, forecase and the percentage of battery remaining.

5. Sleep Time

This application, on iOS, has reached a score of 30 million downloads and installs. The app states that if you feel groggy after a deep sleep, then this won’t happen with you ever again.

6. All Clear

A single click and all the stuff like SMSs, call logs, histories, cache memory and APK will be cleared, i.e., erased completely from the device. This app is used on Android devices and has the standard of one-click-does-it-all.

7. Critter Escape

After ending Amazon App and collaborating with Google Play Store, the Critter Escape came to news. The game has 120 levels, touch controls, self drawn escape route and is, in short, a careful adventure game.

8. Judge Dredd

The classic movie Stanlone and the comic series for the same, all are being the buzz these days because its remake is coming soon. This App is nothing more than a promoting stunt for the remake and is like a big advertisement for this new upcoming release in the form of a single player game in story mode.

9. Musical Samurai

Based on Ninja theme, this game is basically for playing music by just tapping. There is fre trial version available and if you like that, then you can go for buying the paid version.

10. EyeEm

This app has updated to 3.0 version and is a photo-sharing app. The latest version has completely new design which develops passion in the community for picture streams. The app also offers a free trial which allows you to discover pics on your favourite topic.

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