LG Nexus 4 – Download All in One Toolkit (Root, Drivers, Backup, Restore, Unlock)


LG Nexus 4 is one of the latest and famous devices. The toolkit for this device is out. This All In One toolkit will help you to do many things in your device, it includes rooting your device, creating its back up, restoring the files and apps and also you can unlock it. The only thing that the toolkit is not able of is flashing custom recovery in your LG Nexus 4. Otherwise, the toolkit is an important thing that will help you in regards of your device.

LG Nexus 4 All in One Toolkit
LG Nexus 4 All in One Toolkit

Also using this All In One toolkit you can install latest drivers in your computer. Whenever you want to connect your device with the computer then you need the latest drivers pre-installed in it so this toolkit will help you here. Also whenever you want to update your device you need to connect it with the PC with latest drivers pre-installed in it.

You can create Nandroid back up using this toolkit. Nandroid back up is a backup that backup system, data, boot, recovery partitions and settings. It will save these things in a pre defined format from wher you can restore them back when needed.

So you can see that this All in One toolkit is of great use for LG Nexus 4 users. Download it now and use it.


Download All in One LG Nexus 4 Toolkit