List of Some Interesting Websites to Visit When Feeling Bored

Whenever I get bored after my 9-5 job and emails, Facebook, Twitter I surf the below given websites and they never disappoint me. Check these out in free time, feel free to recommend some more via comments, I’ll add them in the list.

Sites to visit when bored

  1. Dear Photograph: Here you’ll find photographs of people holding photos of the exact same place taken in the past.
  2. Textastrophe: This one is funny. The owner takes phone numbers of people which are publicly available on internet and then starts a conversation with them and then posts it on this site, so be careful next time you try to share your phone number on a public website.
  3. Stratocam: Here you’ll find slideshow of some best images found on Google Maps.
  4. Awkward Family Photos: People posting some awkward pics taken with family.
  5. Worldcam: Find the latest instagram photos posted by users at that place.
  6. This Is Why I’m Broke: Some unique and strange products which you never knew existed, which you can actually buy.
  7. Lamebook: Weird and funny stuff which people post on Facebook.
  8. Honest Slogans: Changing original slogan of popular companies with funny one.
  9. Rich Kids of Instagram: Collection of pics of rich people trying to show off on Instagram.
  10. Timelapse: Watch the world change over the course of nearly three decades of satellite photography.
  11. Reason My Son Is Crying: This is a good one and helpful for new parents. Here parents posts pics of their kids crying and the reason behind it.
  12. LOL My Thesis: Some funny one-liner thesis.
  13. 9 Eyes: Collection of interesting images taken by Google Street View cards.
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