HTC One S: Trick Droid Custom ROM Firmware Update

HTC One S smartphone can now be updated with the very new Trick Droid Custom ROM Firmware. HTC have not released this firmware and therefore it is an unofficial update. This custom ROM Firmware is highly featured and provides the best RAM utilization as well the best battery life. There are many such things about this firmware that attracts the users. Go through the features mentioned below to know more.


Features of Trick Firmware:

  • Many apps suchs as Adobe Flash Player, Drop box, ES File Explorer, SuperUser, Soundhound,etc.
  • Google Maps (also allows street view), Google+ and Google PLAY store are pre-installed.
  • Facebook (android) and Twitter also accessible.
  • Super SU binary and Busy box binary are also updated.
  • The firmware is based on the latest RUU from Football (2.21.401.10)
  • Optimized and Zipaligned SDKr20.
  • Background running thongs are removed that improved the battery life.


  • The process of updating may wipe the memory and thus you must back up all the data present in your phone. One can take the backup of data individually for each type. For SMSs, “SMS Backup and Restore application; for Contacts, synchronize with Gmail app ; for Call Logs, use “Call Log & Restore; Images, Songs, Videos, Files can be copied to external/internal SD Card ; for APN & MMS Settings, go to ‘applications’, select ‘settings’, then choose ‘Wireless & network’, in which select ‘Mobile networks’, and finally ‘access point names’. (Avoid using HTC Sync for the same as they do not go along with ROM firmwares).
  • Minimum 40% of the battery charge is required in your device to stand the complete process.
  • Make sure that the device has unlocked Boot Loader.
  • The smartphone must also be rooted. Check that by “root checker” app available at Google PLAY store.
  • USB debugging must be enabled. Go to ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Applications’. There select ‘Development’ and then enable ‘USB debugging’.

Steps to install Trick Droid C ROM Firmware in HTC One S:

  • Download the packages –Trick Droid Custom ROM firmware and Tweak package. Transfer the downloaded zip files to the phone’s internal memory via USB cable.
  • Disconnect and switch it Off to enter in Recovery Mode through Bootloader mode. Press and hold Volume Down key + Centre key + Power key(In case the device turns On in normal mode, redo the same). Then select the option “recovery”. This takes you to Recovery mode.
  • Now choose ‘Install zip from SDCard’ after which you select ‘Choose zip from SDCard’. Now, select the files that you transferred to your phone.
  • After 4-5 minutes the process will be completed. We end up at Recovery Mode and there we choose ‘Go back’ > ‘reboot system now’.
  •  In case your phone gets engaged in boot loop / gets stuck at the HTClogo, reinsert the battery or long press the Power key and repeat the process from the start.

By now your HTC One S is updated with the latest Trick Droid Custom ROM Firmware. Enjoy this highly featured version of Custom ROM firmware


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