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Windows 8 Pro OS with dual core processor,4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Good for business but not made for entertainment. Many connectivity options. High battery life but no keyboard back-lit feature.

HP ProBook 4540s is another notebook from HP which is idol for business purpose. The notebook is accorded with Windows 8 Pro operating system and great security features. Its slim and sleek design along with brushed aluminum case adds to its beauty. Also it offers great tools and features along with discrete graphics. The notebook can run on battery saver mode that is usually required by businessmen. Available in two screen sizes, the HP ProBook 4540s notebook can prove to be a great help for you. Here is the complete review of HP ProBook 4540s. If you are running short on time then you may read the list of specs and features of HP ProBook 4540s.

Basic Features

The notebook is a successor of HP ProBook 4530s so both these has many same features. The reviewed notebook is powered by dual core Intel i5 processor. It has 4 GB RAM and 500 GB of hard disk that boost its performance. Intel HD 4000 graphics make the videos and images so better. Also it has a DVD burner installed in it. This Windows 8 Pro device will surely increase in your productivity.


HP ProBook 4540s

The notebook has 15.6” screen with 1366 x 768 px screen resolution. The average brightness level is of 211.3 cd/m2. Other laptops in this range offer high brightness level in comparison to this. Contrast level is of 370:1. The notebook will work fine in normal light but when you want to work in direct sunlight, you have to put high pressure on your eyes to see things clearly. The screen offer high stability while moving it to different angles with best views in 90 degree.

Keyboard and Touchpad

HP ProBook 4540s Keyboard

The keys of the device are of 15 x 15 mm size and have center pressure point. The keys are tightly fitted and have space between them. The keyboard is spill resistant but it doesn’t support backlit that may be considered as a drawback.

HP ProBook 4540s Touchpad

HP ProBook 4540s has glassy touchpad with 93 x 53 mm size that is approx to 3.7 x 2.1 inch. It supports multi touch and scrolling. You can enable or disable the scrolling feature, to indicate the status there is a LED at the top left corner of the touchpad. Double tap the LED to turn it on or off. Also the notebook has two mouse points at the bottom o the touchpad. They are easy to work with and has clear pressure points.


HP ProBook 4540s Aluminum Case

Since it is a successor of 4530s, they have the same brushed aluminum case which gives a luxurious and rich look to the device. Also stability of the device is also increased due to this. The notebook has curvy figure and rounded edges. The top is made up o plastic as all other HP notebooks have, you need only one hand to lip it up. The screen also has great protective nature; you need high pressure to break it down. Also the aluminum case helps to avoid denting.

Connectivity Features

HP ProBook 4540s Notebook

In the left HP ProBook 4540s has Kensington lock slot, VGA, power slot, HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports and one Ethernet port. In the right part there are DVD burner and two USB 2.0 ports. Also it has SD card reader and headphone slots. Other connectivity features include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Webcam.


For a businessman security is the main concern point. The data must be kept secure so that it doesn’t go to wrong hands. For this HP ProBook 4540s have features like Kensington lock, fingerprint reader, face recognition and other HP protection tools.


Initially the notebook will be delivered with one year warranty. If there is any defect in your piece then you have to send it back to the company. If you want to increase the warranty period of your device then you have to pay extra amount for it.

Battery Life

The battery of the device is standard and can offer maximum of 7 hour and 18 minutes of working and minimum 1 hour and 24 minute of working if you are working with highest possible brightness level. Comparing to other Windows 8 powered device, it offers good battery power.


The performance of HP ProBook 4540s is good. Windows 8 Pro with dual core processor and 4 GB RAM gives a best combination to provide high speed working to the user. Also since it has many security options, your data will be safe and secure. The drawback of HP ProBook 4540s is its early heating.


The price of HP ProBook 4540s is $856.

Wrap Up

HP ProBook 4540s is a decent notebook. If you are purchasing this for business purpose then it has all the features needed by you. But if you are purchasing this for entertainment then let me tell you that it sucks. Before going to buy this notebook you are advised to see other ones from Lenovo and Acer in the same range since they offer better than this one.

Windows 8 Pro OS with dual core processor,4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Good for business but not made for entertainment. Many connectivity options. High battery life but no keyboard back-lit feature.
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