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Sometimes you need to print a web page and covert it to pdf and there are so many things in it like ads, social media widgets, images etc that you don’t want to be in you print, what to do in such a situation? One possible solution for this is to use different extensions that will block ad, widgets or pop-ups but it is time taking. What if there is an app available for all this? It would be so relaxing, right? Then sit tight because there is an app for this, it is Print Friendly & PDF, it is a Google Chrome extension that will trim your web page.

Print Friendly PDF

The extension will remove all the undesired things and will allow you to print it, convert it to PDf or send it in email. It is simple and easy to use.

Install Print Friendly & PDF and then whenever you want to print or convert a page to PDF, just click on the icon and all the undesired things will be removed. To delete a text, hover on it and you will see “click to delete”, click to delete the text. Same is the process for images. So now you can easily delete the unwanted text or images from the web page and print it.

If you want to remove all the images from the web page then you can select “Remove Image” from top bar. If you have deleted something accidentally then you can “Undo” it. Once you have edited the webpage according to you, you can select from the three options given at the top left of Print Preview window. You can email it, convert it to PDF or print it. If you select “PDF” the web page will get converted to PDF immediately, you can specify page size or can dowload the PDF. Sending the web page as email or printing it is also simple.

Print Friendly & PDF chrome extensionn will make your life flexible. Try it once.

Aayushi Jain

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