How to update Samsung Focus with Novin’s Custom ROM firmware

Samsung Focus users must be glad to hear that there is an all new firmware available for their device. This new release is named as Novin’s Custom ROM Firmware and it can support 16 different languages. This firmware has the version number: 2424.12.42 and is based on the Nokia Edition Custom ROM Firmware which was released for Samsung Omnia 7.This firmware is rich with many exciting features. Some of them are given below.


  • Using “Root Manager” you can fully unlock the device.
  • DLLs are same as in Nokia and HTC
  • XAP is downloaded as well as installed.
  • As a default OEM Marketplace, the complete set of “Nokia Collections” is available.
  • It has also inherited “Nokia Alerts”
  • The device will now identify itself by the name “Nokia Lumia 800’.
  • It has enabled USB Video Out
  • And there are other changes also which you will come across as you use this firmware.

Along with such remarkable changes and features it has a number of pre-installed applications that come along with it. It has “HTC Connection Setup”, “Root Manager”, “Screen Capturer”, “Themes Install”, “Search key”, “Bazaar”, etc. And some form Nokia like “Nokia City Lens”, “Nokia Camera Extras”, “Nokia Counters” and  “Nokia Contacts Share”.

In spite of the advanced features and a large number of Apps, there are a few issues with this firmware. Firstly, even after having the search key, it doesn’t work. Secondly, Bing Search also crashes as you try to use it. Thirdly, Counter App will not record data in proper manner.


  1. Novin’s Custom ROM firmware version 0.2
  2. Novin’s Custom ROM firmware version 0.3


Steps to update Samsung Focus with Novin’s Custom ROM firmware

  1. Before starting the process make sure you have installed MAGLDR on your device and also install Samsung Drivers.
  2. Get the package: In a folder, place the following three zip files: 1] “OS.D000FF + CSC.D000FF + DFT_WPI_SAM1.exe” 2] “rapitool.exe” 3] “Readme.txt”.
  3. Reset Phone: Now in your phone, go to the ‘Settings’ option and select the option ‘About’. There click ‘Reset your phone’. Then in all the dialogue boxes that follow, click ‘Yes’ to continue the process.
  4. This turns the screen black. At that instant, press Volume Down key along with the Camera key and hold both of them.
  5. Next, press the symbol for cancel which is ‘<-‘. After which you connect your phone with the computer.
  6. Now flash the first executable file which was downloaded before. Flash this file may take some time.
  7. After that is done, go to the “Setup Wizard” in your device. Now repeat the 2nd step for reset the phone.

You have successfully installed this firmware. Now enjoy this on your device and in case of queries do mention in the comments.

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