How to update Nokia Lumia 900

Many software updates are coming for Nokia Lumia 900, the latest update that came for Nokia Lumia 900 is regarding the issues related to connections that many of the Nokia Lumia 900 users report.

Let’s see how to update Nokia Lumia 900, the first thing we need is a laptop with internet facility and Zune software or Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac) application installed on it.

First step to update Nokia Lumia 900 is to install and finish process of set up of the software and then you have to connect your phone to laptop using USB.

Lumia 900 update

Update Nokia Lumia 900 on Windows

If you get your Lumia 900 connected the Zune will check in for updates, if it is found then you can do for the update by tapping Update Now and when the updates will be finished you will be get to know about it. While updating your phone, the screen of your Lumia 900 will be like the image shown and also it may possible that your phone get restart many times during the whole process going on. It is advised not to disconnect the device during the updating process.

Update Nokia Lumia 900 on Mac

If you are using Mac and get your phone connected then if it will need some updates you will find an ‘Install Update’ button. If you want to check the updates manually then go like Deice Options -> Check for Update. If an update is met, there will be proper guidance in the whole update process to make your work easier. Only thing you have to take care is that don’t disconnect your phone in between the updating process.

The process to update Nokia Lumia 900 will take at most 15 minutes of your which mainly depends on the internet connection that how much time it takes to download and update the software. If you still get some issues to update Nokia Lumia 900 then you may contact Nokia’s support page.

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