How to unsend an email sent from Gmail

It may happened to you lot of times that you send an email which you don’t mean to send. Many times you write an email when you are impulsive or emotionally charged and after sending the mail, you regret it. Also it may happen that your mail has many grammatical errors or you haven’t completed it and clicked on send button. Or you had sent the mail to wrong person. These are some common mistakes but they make you to regret on them. Here’s a solution for this, read further and know how you can unsend an email that you have sent from Gmail.

There is a special feature in Gmail called “Undo Send”, once you enable it, your life will become easier. It will help you in unsending an email even if you have sent it already.

Gmail Undo Send

After you enable this “Undo Send” feature, Gmail will not send the email immediately once you clcik to send button, but will store it in its server for few seconds and will provide you time to change your mind.

To enable this feature, login to your Gmail account and go to Settings. A drop down menu will appear on screen, select Settings again. Go to “Labs”. You will find many options here including “Undo Send”, you can experiment with them. Enable the feature and scroll down the page to save the changes.

Your “Undo Send” feature is ready to work now. Try it. You can also set the number of seconds to which the feature is available to you. For this, go to “Seetings” and then click to “General”, navigate to “Undo Send” and then “Send Cacellation Period”, now set the time period as per your choice.

So that’s all how you can unsend an email sent from Gmail. Fix your email sins now!

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