How to Setup Google Now

You may have heard of Google Now, but I bet most of the people have mistaken it as a competitor of Android or more precisely software that solves your queries. But it is much more then your imagination. It can be considered of a personnel guide that is always there to help you in all situations. To give an example there are situations like what will be weather today or may be when will the respective train arrives and on which platform etc. From smallest to largest information about the world is available to your fingertips through Google Now. It is here to make your life simple and automatic in this technological era.

Steps to setup Google Now:

  • The first step for this is launching of Google Now which can be done either by swiping the Google icon present on the wallpaper of your phone or the soft keys present there. This can also be done by swiping the back arrow or home key or recent keys.
Google Now launching
  • The other method to launch the Google now is by tapping directly through the welcome screen setup wizard.
Google Now setup
  • This step involves the actual launching of your application. For this you have to tap the three most bottom buttons present at the right corner of the screen.
Google Now setup
  • After launching of the Google Now or the voice settings, you have to customise the default Google Now Cards available. For this you have to view the Sample Cards by tapping at “Show Sample Cards” which are present at the bottom of the screen.
Google Now setup
  • Before customising your Sample Cards, make sure that you are comfortable enough with Google Now settings, instead let be at default position.
  • To start getting the information on your screen you have to tell the application in which field are you interested. This can be done by Voice Search which is applied by tapping on the microphone icon and then searching to your demands or on the topics you want information.
  • Also, since if you want to use Google Now to its full potential you must specify your location to it correctly. For this you have to set your Location Settings which is done following the various steps:

-Go to Google Now settings and then go to Privacy and Accounts where all the settings will be enabled by default.

Google Now setup

-Here, now go to Manage location settings which in turn take you into Map settings. Now, as your location history will be set to enabled, this will help Google Now to identify your home and working place exactly so that more accurate information can be provided to you.

Google Now setup


  • As now location is set and all other formalities are done, the cards showing the information according to your interest will be shown on your screen. You just have to tap on them to get the large description or just swipe from them from the screen.

Important tips about Google Now:

  • After viewing the information you can swipe it from your screen or from your notifications without any worries since this swiped card will again be displayed every time the data changes in it. The swiped card can also be re-displayed by tapping the refresh button on the menu icon present on the bottom of the screen.
  • Another advantage of Google Now is that it can be used as a reminder means you can set location and date to it and it will remind you by giving a notification.
  • Always let your Web History to be enabled. This will highly improves the functionality of your Goggle Now.

And like the rule “The more efficiently you use the device, the more comfortable you become with it, the more playful it becomes and hence the more better results it gives” can be applied to every device, it is true in this case too.


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