How to launch an app in Android using ReLaunch app

There are a lot of Android apps available in market and you are free to use any of them. You can use any of the tools, apps or widgets of your choice; however it is always a handy process to search the required app by scrolling the pages in your handset. Relaunch is an application in Android that can be used to categorize all your other Android apps into nine types of unique categories so that you can launch them easily.

ReLaunch Android app

There are many launcher apps in Android like Go Launcher EX, ADW Launcher and others but Relauncher is somewhat different, some of its features are:

  1. Calibrate: It is used to configure hotspot position either in right or left part of the screen.
  2. Automatic App Customization: The feature which is used to categorize all your Android apps automatically.
  3. Manual App Categorization: The feature which is used to categorize all your Android apps manually.
  4. Super Fast Launcher: This feature will enable your handset to launch the apps while you touch either right or left side of the screen.
  5. Personalize: It will apply color and text of your choice to the Relaunch app.

Procedure to use Relaunch app:

Install Relaunch application. The set up guide will automatically categorize all your Android apps.

ReLaunch Android App Start up

After it you will be guided by the Relaunch app; how to use the app.

ReLaunch Android App Calibrate

You can enable or disable the Relaunch app at any time, when it is disabled it will not categorize the new Android apps.

ReLaunch Android App Preferences

The icon size of the Relaunch app can be changed as per your need.

ReLaunch Android App Size

Once you install the Relaunch app, your work will get easier and you can launch the apps in no time. you are free to enable or disable the app, when you will disable it, the app will not categorize the new Android apps.

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